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"We're on the road to being a socialst nation if we don't turn this thing around" is something I've heard numerous times, especially in the past 4 years or so.  But just how accurate is it?  Socialism/fascism/communism are so closely intertwined with the only differences being in the details, but they all boil down to this one thing: Loss of liberty and agency with our property and resources being reallocated/redistributed without our consent.  "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine like it or not!" and it's been that way for such a long time now.  Just look at Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and the Department of Education for starters.  How in the World did we ever get from point "A" (freedom and independence-based founding of America) to point "B" (socialism and tyranny in Amerikanistan)?  How much can our situation really change in just ONE generation?  Let me point out one example of where we are versus where I believe we should be and let's see if you agree or not.

From the time I've been old enough to work I've been paying taxes on both state and federal levels.  When my wife and I put our first child in public school it cost us very little because "our taxes" were the means through which that "education" was being funded and provided. Whether it was on a state level or a federal level was of no concern to us as long as my daughter was able to attend and receive. 

As my wife began volunteering in my daughter's classroom she noticed just how overwhelmed the teacher was by the vast number of students, their collective and individual needs and her inability to meet them because she was, after all, just one person regardless of what her teaching degree provided her.  We didnt' feel that our daughter was getting what she needed and knew full well that our second-oldest would require even more one-on-one attention on top of that.  After much discussion and prayer we decided to pull our kids out of public schools and have my wife, their mother, teach them at home instead.  All struggles and challenges aside, it has been such a blessing to all of us in our family and we have no regrets for making that decision.  However, we still pay the same taxes now as we did when our kids were attending public school PLUS we buy much of our own curriculum materials, laptops, etc.  Take that a step further and look at all the other folks who have chosen to educate their children themselves or enroll them into various private schools that charge tuition.  And here's one for you: What about the elderly couple down the road whose kids are grown and gone (or never even had kids) that have been paying for our other neighbor's kids to go to public school?  Here's a classic response to that one: "If we can keep everyone's kids in school, the whole community benefits from it!".  Perhaps there's some truth to that and perhaps not, but who's right is it to determine that?  Who are the "experts" who trump my right to decide for myself how my resources will be allocated?  What if I want to withhold my share of "education" tax dollars and instead use them to buy curriculum and other materials for my own kids?  Am I selfish for wanting to do so?  Who's right is it to decide that one?

It's mine and nobody else reserves that right on my behalf, but do I demand to exercise it?  How do I go about doing it?  Will it really make a difference?  Just look around you.  If you homeschool, do others see you as those "anti-social weirdos" whose kids will "never have the social skills they need to make it in life"? (one of my favorites, by the way)  If you're a parent of kids who attend tax-funded schools, do you look at the homeschoolers with such judgements?  Can you not see just how entrenched socialism has become in our society and culture?  This is just as it pertains to education, much less health care, retirement benefits, etc., about which others have written volumes on.  The bottom line is that we are being robbed of our resources for things that are not justified by the Constitution of the United States and it's been going on for many, many years now and will continue unless we WAKE UP, THINK and ACT!  Is socialism here?  Oh yes, and has been for quite some time now.  The only valid question now is how much further will it go and will it evolve into full-blown communism...which is socialism by force whereas we are currently submitting of our own free will and choice.  Don't believe me when I say you're submitting of your own free will and choice?  When was the last time you expended time, effort and resources to fight against it?  If you do it on a regular basis then I thank you.  If not, you are numbered among the herd.