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Who Is Bruce Mendelsohn?

26 April 2013

(Before It's News)



The “hero” speaks:

BRUCE MENDELSOHN: It was terrible. My first thought when I heard the initial blast was well I wonder if this is a cannon signifying someone important had finished and then I smelled the gun powder (the cordite) and knew this was an explosive device and I rushed in to help. This is what we do, this is what I was trained to do in the military. This is what we would ask our law enforcement officers to do and I executed.

I want to mention one thing about “cordite“, it is a smokeless propellant. I don’t know, but I saw lots of smoke.

When you look into this character’s background you can find several things of interest. He apparently is an expert in marketing, communications, “messaging” and communications. From his Google+ page:

A marketing, communications and branding leader with proven successes conceiving and implementing successful messaging, branding, business development, customer service and public relations campaigns…

Politically sensitive and diplomatic in resolving issues and handling crisis/emergency communications, while inspiring confidence, credibility, and accountability.

Specialties: Branding and identity, message development and dissemination, crisis communications, PR, advertising

Just to name a few attributes he applies to himself. Just what is needed if promoting a meme to the general public. Makes me wonder if Edward Bernays is a relative.

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but he appears to get the timing wrong in two of his renditions of his “emergency communication”:

  1. On marathon day I was enjoying a post-race party with about two dozen people at an office right across from the finish line. At around 4:10 on the marathon clock I saw a flash from the corner of my eye; a blast wave immediately blew me off the couch upon which I was sitting and onto the floor.I yelled at my brother – who’d finished the race over an hour before – to get all the people away from the windows, in case there was a secondary explosion. As soon as I said that, the second explosion detonated.
  2. Right, I was at a post race party at the finish line on Boylston Street with my younger brother whose medal this is, he was a finisher. We were on the third floor of an office building. I was sitting on a couch overlooking the finish line. I saw out the corner of my eye a flash and then a concussive blast threw me off on to the floor of the building that I was on. I yelled at my brother “That’s the blast that I’m hearing” and I cringe when I hear it. About 10 seconds later there was a secondary blast which I thought was in the same area but it turns out it was 100 feet down the street. I yelled to my brother to move everybody back away from the windows.

Other than the timing faux pas, he is making another point that one has hardly heard of, even if they were on the ground. The “concussive blast”  knocked him off the couch, insinuating that the blast had tremendous power. Amazing, seeing how he was on the third floor of a building (2 doors down from the same building that had the windows blown out 30 feet TOWARDS the ‘blast area’).

He is choosing some key words that push the listener into an image intended to instill fear and welcome the agenda. When asked about carnage he’d seen in battle compared to Boston, he said:

More like a scene out of Tel Aviv or Baghdad than Boston.

And speaking of Tel Aviv, guess where he spent some time in the past? (Again, from his Google+ account’s “Places” field, indicating where he has lived):

Washington, D.C. – Germany – South Korea – Tel Aviv, Israel – Wilmington, Vermont – Owings Mills, Maryland – Rockville, Maryland

How interesting that we have ANOTHER Israel connection to this bombing. Seems to be a lot of that.

Another strange and convenient circumstance is that ole Bruce knew the cop that was killed:

Bruce Mendelsohn (brm90) on Twitter

Gosh, that guy is all over the place, isn’t he?

Now, let me briefly address the “shredded pants guy”.


Is it just me, or does anyone else find it unbelievable that he has no injuries? Seriously?

Then, when you watch the Strategic Operations Business Card L video below and stop it at the 1:53 mark, do you see any resemblance to “shredded pants man”?

Strategic Operations Business Card L on Vimeo

Here is the video:

Thanks again, Marcell for your pointing these issues out.

One more thing, if you still doubt that our government would not use actors or plan such an exercise, maybe you should read through the DHS HSEEP document. There are entire plans used for such events. Very interesting documentation.

Just sayin’.