By Jason A. Kofoed

Silly Sheeple

21 December 2015


The following was originally written for TVOI News


One of the most frustrating things I encounter from day to day is when someone asks me, "Hey, Jason.  Who are you going to vote for in the presidential election?".  While it most definitely depends on who's asking the question at the time, I usually answer by saying, "None of the ones you see on TV", and I leave it at that.  For the most part, they just shrug and walk away but if they continue to inquire further, I will often take opportunity to explain to them that I will only vote in another presidential election if I ever find what I consider to be a Constitutional candidate who vows to begin repealing presidential executive orders on day one in office.  You will never find one of these types of candidates on TV and you have to dig long and hard to even find one that is registered through the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for any given election, but they are usually there if you take the time to dig for them.  In fact, there are currently 84 declared candidates who are registered through the FEC and are ready to lie or truth their way into your world in order to win your vote if you care to look into them.  Granted, there aren't very many "good" ones left in that barrel today but the list was much longer when I began looking into it back in July of this year.

But why does it matter?  After all, FOX, The Blaze, CNN, MSNBC, et al. have already told you who you will be voting for and you're not allowed to search outside of the holding pen they have set up for you.  They're just the messengers, though, as the global elite are the ones who decided long ago who would be allowed to the forefront and they likely already have the 2020 presidential race drafted out as well, depending on how the 2016 winner performs of course.  But never mind all of this because "your vote makes a difference!", right?  Electoral College?  Pffft!  That's OLD SCHOOL and OUTDATED as our culture is evolving and becoming more enlightened with the citizens being brainwashed into believing that the system implemented, upheld and exercised by our nation's founders is outdated for today's society.  Make no mistake about it- there are very nefarious reasons as to why the Electoral College has been nudged aside and replaced with the ideologies of a popular vote and we're seeing the height of it all right now with the massive influx of "refugees" and immigrants.  But I digress and these are issues that can perhaps be discussed at a later date.

Here is the question I have for all who are reading this:  If you're so unhappy about the way the Obama regime has seemed to push through so many unconstitutional executive orders, how can you, in good conscience, even begin to consider voting for one of the anointed few who are allowed to make it into your living room via the 24-hour news cycles?  Who is there among them who: 1. Has earned your respect and trust, 2. Made you to feel that they are worthy of not only your support but also the support of those around you, and 3. Has promised that beginning on day one they will work to repeal each and every unconstitutional executive order that has been written by previous presidents?  If you haven't found this candidate, you'd probably better either write one in the little blank or pass all together.  Your vote matters regardless of who ends up in office because it is as much a part of you as any and all of your life history, good or bad.  The "lesser of two evils" is still evil.  Always.

The day we find one who begins to repeal the executive orders of presidents past is the day that my confidence will begin to be restored.  Executive orders are just as much law as any that originate from either the House or the Senate and there is only one who can rescind them.  Many have assumed far too much of what one president can/should do when they are voted into office but this is one area that they own- one thing that only they can do to improve the state of our Union and it can begin immediately.  If you're favorite candidate ends up in office and simply allows these laws to remain in force, be sure to remind yourself that you are just as responsible as they if you voted them in.

By the way, before you go thinking that Barack Hussein has set any records when it comes to issuing any of these tyrannical laws, remember that FDR, hands down, holds the record for the number of executive orders issued to date with 3,728.  Any guesses of who hold the next 3 spots?

Woodrow Wilson- 1,803

Calvin Coolidge- 1,203

Theodore Roosevelt- 1,081

While Obama's have been some of the most damaging when it comes to enslaving us, his 230 or so are still fewer than George W's 291 and Ronald Reagan's 381 (If you'd like to peruse the text of some of these infamous orders and increase your understanding of just how damaging they are, click HERE).  Remember that with all the hype and sensationalism, it is not the number of orders issued but the effect they have had on our way of life.  Your dear, angelic presidents past really aren't.  We've been traveling down this road for a long time now but many Americans are just now beginning to wake up to it.

As we move closer to the rapidly-approaching day in which they reveal to us who our next ruler will be, you have a decision to make in how history will remember you.  Will you fall into the infamous traps that have previously kept you from voting your conscience or will you stand up and demand more?  Will you have the courage that is needed to do all you can to enlighten those around you as to how they can retain their own integrity by demanding more of who will occupy the Oval Office in 2016?  Remember, everything we do on this Earth is recorded in the Heavens and we will one day have to give a full accounting for our actions, good and bad, for all to see.

I have chosen my side.

Have you?


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