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Published on May 18, 2015 The Davies bring new meaning to the phrase “one big, happy family.” With seven kids, Jim and Becky Davies’ family is bigger than they had dreamed it could be. And it is clear that the group is happy. Most importantly, though, their love makes them one with each other in a way that tops any other factors—including DNA.

Jim and Becky struggled with infertility. Miraculously, their two eldest kids, Rachel and Jake, were born to them biologically. The blessings didn’t stop there. With the help of a private adoption agency and family, the Davies were blessed to welcome Jess, Kristin, Trevor, and Josh into their home and hearts over the course of several years. They were happily surprised when Becky then became pregnant with their youngest, Natalie.

The Davies don’t mind if others wonder how or why their family structure works. They are simply happy to be together.

“This is my family. I know that they will love me for who I am, and as well have the expectation that I’ll love them for who they are,” says Josh.

Jess feels the same way.

“It’s such an interesting group of people to have as a family,” she says, “but there’s just no question of us being meant to be together.”