Posted by Marla on Mar 25, 2013 under

As more of us are waking up to the reality of what is going on around us, what the "agenda" is that has been behind the curtains for so long and is now being brought into the light of day, we hear the following comments.  "What am I supposed to do about it, it won't help anyway", "it's gone to far to stop so why bother?", or "I don't want them coming after me!".  As you sit in a state of inaction you feel emotionally buffeted.  You feel helpless, you feel dispair, you fall into a state of depression as things continue to spiral downward.  This is how the "Powers that Be" want you to feel.  They love that you are in the state of inaction.  I recently heard the statement "They don't care what you know as long as you don't do anything about it."  This enables their agenda to be brought to fruitition. 

After a period of about 3 years of waking up, studying and trying to communicate the danger to friends and family I was in the state of depression and inaction described above.  That is the point when you either roll over and let them win, or you stand up and start acting against this atrocity.  There are many quotes from founders and wise men throughout history that caution against the consequences of "good men doing nothing".  Hitler could've been stopped if the good citizens of Germany would have stood together against him instead of cowering down quietly to avoid persecution, knowing all the while what monsterous things were taking place.  This was a turning point for me.  I felt totally helpless, wanting to do something but not knowing what to do.  I feel strongly that the cause of liberty is a divine cause.  Our freedoms come from above, and this is the critical first step. Hit your knees and ask for personal revelation and guidance.  Ask our Heavenly Father what would you have me do?  Then with divine guidance begin to act.  It feels glorious!  Almost immediately you begin to feel powerful, not victimized.  You start to realize that even small acts do make a difference!  When you begin to combine those small acts in a large group of like-minded people it turns into a powerful force.  You start to network almost unconciously.  You draw more people into action that have been sitting on the sidelines.  Once momentum starts gathering it becomes more and more difficult to stop.  This is how we win the battle.  Take small steps.  Select one issue that you feel very strongly about, then set about to do something about it.  Find local groups that are involved in that issue and get involved.  I will not accept the excuse that you don't have the time.  If you have time to sit around watching television for a few hours in the evening, going to the mall to shop or out with friends you have the time.  We must make the time!  All worthy causes require sacrifice, and now is the time for sacrifice.

One more unique qualitity I have noticed in the liberty movement is the passion that freedom evokes.  The phrase from our Founding Fathers "Pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor" comes to mind.  These principles guide me in my mission to restore the Republic.  I am willing to give my life for this cause.  I have given of my resources and will continue to do so, for what else will I have if I don't?  I am trying to live my life in an honourable manner, giving my word and keeping it in all things.  Setting as good an example as I'm able to in my dealings with others.  In being willing to die for this cause, as are many others, this pushes away fear.  This level of dedication is difficult for the opposition to control when trying to suppress rebellion.  My resources will be taken from me if their plans are successful so why not use them to combat tyranny while I can?  In being honorable and keeping high standards in my everyday life I further contrast truth and morality with the dark, dismal squalor they promote.  We are like a huge puzzle with pieces falling into place every day.  Please join us as we stand against tyranny and oppression.  I would much rather die in the fight than go quietly into bondage and submission.  History will testify as to the road we choose, and there is not much time left.  Stand with me!  As King Leonidas said to the Persians "Molon Labe"! - Come and take it!!