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30 September 2014

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The clip below comes from Webster Tarpley, an American historian, economist, author, lecturer and a critic of U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

This segment of his radio show was posted on his official YouTube account back on July 8, 2014, but the point still stands.

“ISIS is a U.S. British NATO Operation Paid For By The Saudis.” Or, if you prefer, “ISIS is a secret army of the CIA.”

For those who don’t know, please help educate them.

Comments include, “ISIS, the only fanatical terrorist group in the world driving around in brand new American made Humvees in the middle of nowhere. Ha ha. How stupid do these idiots in Washington, D.C. think the rest of us are?” and “ISIS works for big oil…I can’t understand why people don’t see this.”

Webster Tarpley can be found at

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