By Jason A. Kofoed

A week or so ago I posted a news article on Adam Kokesh's plans to march on Washington with 1,000 or so supporters, all armed with loaded rifles and other firearms.  Ever since I first heard about the planned event, I've had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and can only make one recommendation: watch and be ready for what the fallout will be from this.

That article was posted on 6 May which was after a blog post I made on 26 April 2013 in which I recommended the correct way to make such a strong and powerful statement to our 'lawmakers, judges and executor' to show them that we have indeed had enough.  We The People are powerful when organized and focused on carrying out the proper plans but we empower our own executioners when one idiot runs amock feeding on the anger and frustration of the ignorant, manipulating them into doing stupid things.  I know it has been said that law enforcement is already making plans to intercept Mr. Kokesh's entourage and they are left with little choice.  Plain and simple, Washington D.C. has its own laws and they will do what is needed to enforce them...regardless of how unconstitutional those laws are.  The power will be with the 'million-man march' that peacefully enters the Capitol and peacefully escorts the current occupiers out of office and into the courts to be tried for their wide array of various crimes, such as treason, murder, etc.  Once their punishments are swiftly meted out and executed they will serve as a reminder to future career politicians, thieves and murderers that we mean to restore the Constitutional laws of the land in full.

Anyway, back to Kokesh.  I came across the following article and update on this guy this evening:


Armed March Leader Adam Kokesh Admits Mental Instability & Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties

13 May 2013

Freedom Outpost


Last Thursday I wrote an opinion piece on the Armed March Protest in Washington, D.C. that is to be led by former New Mexico candidate and Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh. While I agreed with the sentiment behind the march, there are a plethora of reasons for not engaging in his particular protest. I merely touched on a few obvious ones. However, the more that one begins to look into Mr. Kokesh’s background, the more one begins to question the real intentions and motives he has.

Charles C. Johnson writes at the Daily Caller:

Despite his self-proclaimed history of mental instability and post-traumatic stress, one-time congressional candidate and perennial activist Adam Kokesh is organizing a pro-gun rally in which marchers will walk with loaded rifles into Washington from Virginia.

Kokesh, who served as a Marine NCO and reservist, attended Claremont McKenna College. His 2005 psychology thesis, “Hot, Dirty, and Dangerous: Seven Months of Civil and Not-So-Civil Affairs In And Around Fallujah” discusses suffering from post-traumatic stress. “I had a number of anxiety attacks those first few days back [from Iraq],” Kokesh wrote.

Kokesh was particularly disturbed by crowds, something which may prove problematic with the armed crowds at the forthcoming march. “I didn’t feel comfortable getting drunk, and the crowds made me nervous. When dealing with crowds in Iraq, I was always armed and I always had someone watching my back, usually with a machine gun. A cardinal rule for interacting with crowds was to never let anyone get behind you,” Kokesh wrote. “We had all heard the horror story of a Marine who was killed with his own pistol. When crowds got close around me I would often just leave one hand on my pistol and let my rifle dangle on the sling in front of me.”

That’s not all though, once he left the service, Kokesh attended college and he wrote, “Every time someone bumped into me from behind at a party I instinctively reached down for my pistol and had a moment of awkward panic before realizing that I was being absurd. I had developed such a strong habit of waking up two or three minutes before my alarm that I often woke up thinking I had to be somewhere. I was so used to being on guard when in public that it was hard to truly relax at first.”

He also became agitated when he was not allowed to bring his firearm on campus, saying that he was a veteran and had fought for the right to do so.

Now understand, this is not a shot at those who have served our country honorably and suffer from PTSD. In fact, I don’t blame Kokesh for his instinctive responses regarding how he reacts to things, which he said was absurd. I have met many men who have been in war who have similar reactions. I have been very vocal in saying that we should not be calling for the Federal government to start disarming our veterans because they have PTSD, nor do I think it the place of the Federal government to make mental health evaluations and disarm citizens.

However, it is noteworthy to understand the mental state of one leading an armed march on Washington, which he claims will be peaceful. In fact, in my article Kokesh is on video and audio stating, “This is an armed revolt against the American government…. Make no mistake about it…. We are going with the aim of overthrowing the government.” It’s also noteworthy that in the video, even Alex Jones, who talks a tough game when it comes to government and tyranny, looks a bit hesitant about Kokesh’s march.

Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh

Kokesh, along with several Muslims, also attempted to fake a hate crime in 2007at George Washington University, which you can read about here.

Kokesh was also at the 2007 Gathering of Eagles, which was an event to honor the memory of veterans who died in Vietnam. He endorsed anti-war protest organizations that were calling for the desecration of the Vietnam Memorial with spray paint. The host of Freedom Fighter Radio attended the event to support the veterans and knew of the protest organizers’ plans and was prepared to defend the memorial. He witnessed the DC police confiscating spray paint from the backpacks of protesters, who were attempting to smuggle the paint in. This protest was also supported by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Before I give you the next bit of information, understand that this is not directed at the members of the organization cited, but is simply providing you with information that you can verify yourself about the leaders of the organization. The leaders and staff of Oathkeepers have given strong support to Mr. Kokesh over the years. Why is this important you might ask?

Consider the following. Kokesh is not only a member of Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW), but he is a spokesman for them. The IVAW is allied with members of the Muslim American Society (MAS).

What is the Muslim American Society? According to Steven Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the Muslim American Society is a “de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.,” whose agenda is to impose Islamic law in America and to undermine our counter-terrorism policies.

According to the Chicago Tribune,

An undated internal memo instructed MAS leaders on how to deal with inquiries about the new organization. If asked, “Are you the Muslim Brothers?” leaders should respond that they are an independent group called the Muslim American Society. “It is a self-explanatory name that does not need further explanation.”

And if the topic of terrorism were raised, leaders were told to say that they were against terrorism but that jihad was among a Muslim’s “divine legal rights” to be used to defend himself and his people and to spread Islam.

But MAS leaders say those documents and others obtained by the Tribune are either outdated or do not accurately reflect the views of the group’s leaders.

MAS describes itself as a “charitable, religious, social, cultural and educational not-for-profit organization.” It has headquarters in Alexandria, Va., and 53 chapters nationwide, including one in Bridgeview, across the street from the mosque there.

Shaker Elsayed, a top MAS official, says the organization was founded by Brotherhood members but has evolved to include Muslims from various backgrounds and ideologies.

Now friends, if you have followed our site for any length of time, you know we do believe that Islam itself is a tremendous threat to America. This makes this information even more pertinent.

However IVAW not only works with the Muslim American Society, but has endorsed and participated in protests alongside anti-Israel organizations such as the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.
A.N.S.W.E.R. works closely with the Muslim American Society on several campaigns. IVAW also works with the following groups: Islamic Society of Boston (which was the mosque that the alleged Boston Bombers attended), National Lawyers Guild (Mass. Chapter), Veterans for Peace (Ch. 9, Smedley D. Butler Brigade), HLS Democrats, HLS Muslim Law Students Association, HSPH Muslim Student Group, MIT Amnesty International (Amnesty International Condones Killing Jews) , MIT Muslim Student Association, Northeastern Univ. Arab Student Association. (Source here).

Though discharged under honorable conditions from the Marines, he continued to use a former rank of sergeant, before his DD214 was made public. Following that revelation, he dropped the rank. When Kokesh was in the Marines, he did achieve the rank of sergeant, but was demoted to corporal.

Retired United States Navy SEAL Captain Larry Bailey and Vietnam veteran wrote a scathing letter regarding Mr. Kokesh. In it he writes:

Adam Kokesh, candidate for the Republican nomination for the US House of Representatives from the Third District of New Mexico, is doing his best to deceive the electorate. He portrays himself as a libertarian conservative, but he is neither libertarian nor conservative (unless he reinvents himself again). Most egregiously, he is attempting to portray himself as a patriotic anti-war/anti-military veteran in a manner reminiscent of John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans against the War (VVAW), in which Kerry tarnished the valor of his brothers-in-arms in order to advance his political career.

Adam Kokesh probably wishes that he had not been so open about his disloyalty, because he is now pretending to be a patriotic, libertarian-leaning, conservative Republican in his congressional campaign. Sorry, Adam; that just won’t wash. You have shown your true colors, and America-loving patriots just won’t let you get away with your masquerade.

Go ahead and renew your ties with the Code Pink/Winter Soldier/George Soros/IVAW crowd. Take off that suit and tie, and let your hair grow long in a John Kerry-look alike manner. Be what you want to be, as long as it’s not pretending to be an American patriot.

Finally, friends if someone is going to come out in open provocation in the manner that Kokesh is, all parties involved should be aware of just who they are dealing with. In the same manner that you cannot trust what a lot of people say, you look at what they do, a man would be wise to consider just who he is joining with in an alleged march for freedom.

This article was written with the help of Jim Stachowiak

If the preceding information is accurate then it gives us good reason to be highly suspicious of Mr. Kokesh's desired outcome of his planned event.  In any case, we would all do well to prepare for the fallout.  With Sandy Hook, Boston and now New Orleans as the latest spotlights being cast upon 'evil' guns and that 'evil powdery substance that makes them go boom', this could do much to advance the progress on the currently "stalled" gun-control debates.
Just be ready.