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May 18th, 2013


(Pictured: Admiral Panteleyev Destroyer)


Russia has deployed up to 50 naval warships – reportedly a large portion of their Pacific Fleet – to the Mediterranean Sea in an effort to bolster their influence in the region. Reports indicate they may soon send nuclear submarines to the region as well.

With tensions running high between Russia and the United States in recent weeks amid Syrian arms sales, the outing of a US spy in Moscow and a culture of distrust fomenting between the Putin and Obama administrations, could it be that West and East will once again face off in another Cold war? Or could it potentially go hot this time around?

Russia has previously warned that the middle east could very quickly turn to all-out war, including nuclear weaponry. Considering that neither Iran or Syria have nuclear weapons, they could only have been referring to Israel, the US, Russia and China.

Are we getting close?

According to the following report from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the Russians have resurrected their cold war Mediterranean naval fleet:

(Originally in German; Translated via Google Translate)

Warships of the Russian Pacific Fleet have reached the first time in decades, the Mediterranean Sea, a military spokesman said on Thursday. The U.S. also laid this week warships to the region.

“The task force has successfully crossed the Suez Canal and reached the Mediterranean,” citing Ria Novosti military Roman Martov. The warships are on their way to Cyprus, where they will enter the port of Limassol.

Among the warships, the destroyer Admiral Panteleyev, the amphibious warships Peresvet and Admiral Nevelskoi, the tanker Pechenga, and salvage tug Fotiy Krylov.You have the port of Vladivostok on 19 Leave in March to strengthen Russia’s Mediterranean fleet.

To use command currently belong to the large anti-submarine destroyer Severomorsk, the frigate Yaroslav Mudry, the Altai and rescue tug SB-921 and the tanker Lena from the Northern Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. In addition, the landing ship Azov comes from the Black Sea Fleet. Nuclear submarines could also reinforce the task force still, Admiral Viktor Chirkov had said on Sunday.

The Soviet Union from 1967 to 1992, a squadron of 30 to 50 ships in the Mediterranean. This was created during the Cold War the 6th To meet the U.S. Navy fleet. It seems that this squadron now resurrected.

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