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One of the very first posts I made in my new blog was about my past experience with unions both within and without.  Living in Idaho, which is a Right-To-Work state, I am still mortified that I ever signed up, joined and paid union dues of my own free will...and did so for almost 11 years.  I believed all the lies about how "necessary" the union was for the good of my employment and working conditions while all along I had no idea where my money was going, how much power was amassed/amassing behind the unions, etc., nor did I even question any of it.  I have to credit Glenn Beck with opening my eyes, though.  While I don't agree with everything he says I have to credit him with much of my enlightenment and helping bring me to the point at which I am today.  Thanks, Glenn.

Now, with Michigan passing their new Right-To-Work legislation, my stance is even more solidified against union power and all that they do to destroy the work ethic of their members as well as instill a sense of entitlement to higher wages, job security and wages regardless of who they snuff out in the process.  Job seniority with no consideration to the value of an employee to the employer is immoral.  Threatening an employer with a shutdown of operations and loss of profit (strike) while at the same time demanding and requiring by law that the jobs be held and reserved for the striking employees to return to whenever they wish is immoral.  Demanding that an employer spend their profits according to the wishes, desires and terms of the union is immoral, unethical and wrong.  Telling your membership that they deserve and are entitled to higher wages, job security regardless of performance history, and a better retirement regardless of cost is immoral and unethical.  Making your membership believe that they are untouchable and, therefore, unable to be fired for fireable offenses breeds laziness, apathy and entitlement and, therefore, unethical and immoral.  These are the fruits of 98% of all unions and their memberships.  SHAME ON ANY EMPLOYER WHO RECOGNIZES AND ENTERTAINS UNIONIZATION WHEN THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED BY LAW...ESPECIALLY WHEN THESE UNIONS ARE THE LARGE "NATIONAL" BODIES.  Shame on any employer based in a unionized state who does not do all they can to bring about the Right-To-Work legislation that is necessary to help preserve the work ethic and productivity of America.  SHAME ON ANY EMPLOYER WHO GIVES THEIR EMPLOYEES A LEGITIMATE REASON TO FEEL THEY NEED TO UNIONIZE.  The problem is NOT strictly on part of the employee, though with all the OSHA, NLRB and other "employee-rights" laws and organizations the need for unions is long outdated in almost every case.  Gone are the days of a firm, faithful handshake when they need not be.

Returning to the subject of Michigan we see the union thuggery raring its ugly head with Jimmy Hoffa (head of International Brotherhood of Teamsters) declaring on CNN that:

"This is just the first round of a battle that's going to divide this state. We're going to have a civil war,"

Keep an eye on Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO as well. 

There is no man alive who should be made to pay to a cause that he is in any way opposed to, regardless of his reasons- even Harry Reid has stated on camera that taxes are completely voluntary (yeah, right).  In non-Right-To-Work states, those who work for a company whose employees have been unionized are required to pay union dues regardless of whether they decide to join that union or not.  How in the WORLD have the sleeping sheep allowed that type of legislation to pass and become the law of their respective states?  It boggles the mind!  Wake up!

If Hoffa is right and this leads to a civil war whether literal or symbolic I know what side I stand on and I know that I will help fight the unions until the end.  I am surrounded by unionized workers every day that I report to work and am all too familiar with the fruits that they bear.  There are always individual exceptions, of course, and to these I ask: "What in the world are you doing in the union?"  IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH WHAT THE UNIONS ARE DOING IN MICHIGAN RIGHT NOW, OR WHAT UNIONS ARE DOING ON A NATIONAL LEVEL THEN GET OUT.  NOW.