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By Jason A. Kofoed


One of Silly Sheeple's seemingly best kept secrets is our Recommended Readings and Resources page, which is where we have placed links and downloadable PDF's that we feel are of significant value.  In fact, the significance of the contents' value is often validated from time to time when web-based hyperlinks and their associated websites/pages are changed or removed.  One of those that we recently discovered is the United Nations' Agenda 21/ICLEI membership rosters for the United States that used to be readily accessible on  However, we found that this link is to the new iclei website and the "old and archived" iclei website that once held these rosters has to be found via a redirect url found here.  To be honest, I was quite surprised that the new website even made reference to these archived pages to start with but quickly found it to be disappointingly benign.  When I follow the link sequence I used to take to find the U.S. membership rosters, I now come up with an error page saying the page does not exist as indicated below:

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ICLEI Members
Archived links from Info & Assistance page
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News ItemICLEI Members: Update Your Member Profile to Showcase Your Leadership
If you're not familiar with the old membership rosters, each county and/or city was listed line by line under their state's name.  Now, all that is available for the new membership roster's link is a map of the globe with "pins" that hover over each country/state telling you the name of the state with the number of ICLEI members that it contains.  That's it.  No more names of participating communities.  Why?  If they feel they are doing a great thing and want us to see what great and courageous communities are boldly standing up in the United Nations' global population reduction program then why would they hide the identities of these communities?  Thankfully, there are still only two listed in my home state of Idaho, but I'm not sure if they're the same two (most likely are) or if the previous ones have dropped and they have picked up others.  They're as sneaky as their agendas are evil. 
Below is an example of what you will find on their new roster page which simply shows each state, embedded with a hyperlink, showing how many "participants" are in that state:
District of Columbia: 1 member
When you click on one of the above states to try to see who the communities are, you end up with an error page shown as below:

404 Page not found

This page may have moved or is no longer available.

You are now viewing ICLEI's new website. If you would like to view archived pages from ICLEI's old website, please type in " followed by the page ID.

You may also use the search on the top right of this page or the sitemap below.

The archive runs you into a circle back to the old website that no longer has the by-name roster, either.

Agenda 21 is an evil agenda that encompasses most everything that the UN is trying to push forward on a global scale and it is important that you continue to watch for it in your community.  ICLEI is the tell-tale signature that you must be watching for in your city council and/or county commissioner meetings.  Keep an eye on their agendas and minutes if you are not able to attend their regular meetings (most localities make these available on their official websites) and when you see it come up, stand up and take action!  Make sure you get on the next meeting agenda so you can educate your elected officials because you can know without a doubt that they are classified within two categories: ignorant or willfully destroying your community and individual rights.  Either way, you have to do all you can to stop them from signing on with the UN and Agenda 21's ICLEI program.

Below is an excellent overview of how Agenda 21 can and will affect you:

Video courtesy of The John Birch Society