By Jason A. Kofoed

I'm so sick of hearing about this whole bogus "government shutdown", but I want to point out one very important point about the whole thing that you may have already noticed, but most certainly should be thinking about: the way in which all of these U.S. Park Rangers and other local/state/federal "law enforcement" employees are fully cooperating with these corrupt heads of government and other agencies- your family, friends and neighbors.  I know many have written very similar sentiments on this, but I feel strongly to add my own thoughts about the ominous warning sign that is being laid before all of us right now.

I want to start by saying that there is no agency or organization that can be painted one single color with one big brush, meaning that there will always be individuals within those organizations/agencies that are exceptions to what what I'm about to say.  To those people who are the exceptions, I urge to stand up and be heard- take action while you still can!  To the rest of them, I say shame on you for being willing participants in this Gestapo-style behavior against your own countrymen.  It is far too mild to say that it is shameful, more fitting to say that it is criminal and worthy of prosecution to the fullest extent of our local, state and federal Constitutional laws.  When I read articles such as this one from the Newbury Port News my blood begins to boil and extreme disappointment and discouragement set in.  What goes through the minds of such once-considered public servants is beyond me...and it worries me when I contemplate just how far they'd be willing to go if given the right conditions and orders from above.  I recently posted an article about a Park Ranger shooting and injuring an innocent man as he stood right next to his 9-year-old son and I couldn't help but wonder why in the world these people are being armed and given police-like authority in the first place.  Why is it that the names of the come-to-find-out-they're-innocent people are disclosed while the "officers" being investigated are withheld from the public?  Are they ashamed of their actions, not only in this shooting incident but in all right-depriving incidents they've been involved in?  If they are ashamed, then why not speak out, apologize and vow to change your ways? 

Truth be known, I don't think many of them are ashamed of what they're doing at all.  I think there are many of them who hunger for power and authority over their fellow men to the extent that the Constitution and God-given rights mean nothing to them...unless the violations occur against them.  I think many (not all) of these park rangers, military servicemen, law enforcement officers, etc. would jump at the chance to wield even more authority against and over us and you'd better be ready when you cross paths with them. Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show posted his thoughts on the U.S. Park Rangers becoming the new police force for the UN and this possibility is becoming increasing clear to see in the wake of the bogus shutdown of the government meant to do nothing but teach the American people to submit under an ever-increasingly strong arm of the government, domestic as well as global.  Will you government employees agree to this?  If not, what is your backup plan?  If you are doing it because you "have a family to support and I can't afford to lose my job" then that's not good enough.  If you are willing to compromise your principles and continue in depriving men of their God-given rights and liberty just to keep your job, then "may history forget you were ever our countryment.  Depart in peace" (as a paraphrased quote from Samuel Adams).  If you wish to salvage your integrity while you still have it, stand against such tyranny while you still can.  I will never trade my integrity for my employment.  EVER.  When will you stand?  If you don't do it now, the door of tyranny will close, trapping us inside to never again be opened without the shedding of much blood.  As things now sit, if left unchanged, it is coming.  You are on the front line of all of this and we need you to act.

For the rest of us, consider these things.  Ponder them and look around you.  Who near you is friend and who is foe?  Who do you trust?  Who can you start working with today? While it is true that there are yet many who can be awakened and made aware of their disgraceful beliefs and actions, we must still prepare ourselves to have to deal with those who refuse to see, much less change.  It is true that there are many who are deceived, ignorantly thinking that they are carrying out their just duties and some of these will be open to wise correction, guidance and love.  This is yet another reason why we must devote our time and attentions to much prayer on a daily basis for we cannot go it alone.  Love, but be wise in dealing with the enemies to your freedom.


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