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26 February 2015

-by Marla Flint

kneeling, prayer

When we began our journey at Silly Sheeple I had a degree of optimism that God's people would be bold and rise up against the 'Fundamental Transformation' of our nation.  Naively I thought people just needed to be informed about what is happening, and they would stand up and rally against the encroachment of tyranny.   I am at a loss for words when I survey the state of America.  Sometimes I feel like the prophet Elijah - one lonely voice crying out to God for a wicked and corrupt people that would not not turn back to Him.   God informed him that there were still 7000 in Israel whose knees had not bowed down to Baal.  Only 7000 out of how many hundreds of thousands?  All throughout history, when wickedness grew and consumed societies God had a small remnant of faithful servants that did His will.  These groups were not great in number or strength, but in seeking the Lord stood as a testament for Him and against the wickedness surrounding them.

I have become 'politically active' in the last 7 years.  All my Senators and Representatives, both in the US and State legislature know me.  I know I am a nuisance to them.  One US Senator has never acknowledged my letters, calls or emails.  I continue to call and write to this day, more as a testimony against what is happening than out of any real hope of changing our course.  I am very candid in my views, and do not mince words.  I have poured out my anguish to them on the subjects of abortion, gay marriage, the blatant trampling of our Constitution, and the erosion of our rights it is supposed to protect.  If I get any reply at all, it is some wishy-washy form letter that never quite gets to the heart of the issue, and has no meat or teeth.  All around me there are people that seem oblivious to what is going on around them and couldn't care less.  There are some that wring their hands, but refuse to stick their neck out to address these issues.  They feel that we must 'lay low' and live to 'fight another day.'  Brothers and sisters, this is the day to speak.

In the course of my personal journey I have come to realize that no arm of flesh will save the day.  The cavalry is not going to ride in and save us from tyranny and despotism.  As in other dark days of history I have decided that God has withdrawn his hedge of protection from this rebellious nation, and left us to the choices we have made.  Darkness is increasingand becoming bolder daily, and darkness despises the light.  As we continue to strive to shine the light upon the darkness, we will be subjected to increasing persecution and intimidation.  As in the days that Hitler was rising to power people are turning a blind eye to transpiring events, and 'going along to get along'.  If they won't stand up in the face of political correctness, do you think they'll stand up to jail time or execution?  Because that is where this is all leading.  All the surveillance capabilities, the militarization of the police departments, the checkpoints.  It is not for your safety, dear sheep, it is so They Can Keep An Eye On YOU.

The church of the anti-Christ is serious.  It is dedicated.  It will not compromise.  Look and listen to Chris Cuomo when he hysterically claimed over and over that WE DO NOT GET OUR RIGHTS FROM GOD.  I saw it in the Texas State Capitol when the pro-abortionists converged to try to push their vile doctrine and will on everyone.  Hatred and darkness is palpable in their presence.  It is in this growing environment that I have come to realize how this is going to go down.  I am a strong Christian.  I do not see anything in the scriptures that leads me to believe that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture.  You can ask the Christians in the Middle East that are being beheaded, crucified, tortured and raped if their faith is not strong enough to warrant them being raptured off Planet Earth.  Folks, they are walking the walk and talking the talk as I write this.  They have the faith to stay true to Jesus.  Sure, a few have fallen and renounced their faith, but thousands have stood by, true to their faith and their Lord as their children are sawn in half.  How chilling and horrific is that?  Guess what?  It is coming here, and sooner than later. 

As I have prepared physically for survival in the event of some catastrophic event I began to wonder if I need to prepare for a catastrophic spiritual event.  I am not a fatalist.  I am not sure my life will be required of me during the Tribulation.  However, we must realize this is not out of the realm of possibility.  Do I have the faith to stand unwavering in the face of such evil and violence?  You see, the time for decision cannot be in the moment of fear and shock.  Your mind is not capable of making such decisions in a time of "flight or fight".  Now is the time to contemplate such decisions.  All through the scriptures we are warned.  Do not accept the mark of the beast; lest God shortened the days none would be left alive; do not fear those that can take your life-fear the one that can take your soul.  I am paraphrasing, but you know what I'm saying.  God is not speaking abstractly or symbolically.  He is telling us that as countless Jews and Christians before us our lives might be required of us.  He who lays down his life will take it up again.  He who is not ashamed of Me before man I will not be ashamed of before My Father in heaven.  Now is the time to come to grips with this realization.  Now is the time to fill your spiritual lamp.  Now is the time that you can decide that no matter how scared or traumatized you are you will not back down or deny Christ.  He has not promised to spare us from these things, but He has promised to be right beside us through it all.  Turn off the TV and other distractions and open your scriptures.  Immerse your soul in the power and promise of our Lord and Savior.  When you pray don't just rush through it and jump up to do other things.  Take the time to commune with the Father.  Be still and know that He is God.  Let Him speak to you for a change.  Let's use this time wisely and be prepared in all things - the blessings will be poured out abundantly to you.