Posted by Jason on Jan 17, 2013 under

I remember a couple years back watching an old episode of The Twilight Zone entitled "The Shelter" and feel to post it here.  Anyone who has worked and sacrificed to prepare for hard times...whatever we anticipate they may be...and has had friends, extended family or other acquaintenances become aware of our preparations has probably heard something similar to this: "Boy, I know where I'm going when things get bad!".  Well, they just may not be joking and it's something every "prepper" should consider as part of their preparations.

There are many people who know I am a prepper though they don't know to what extent I have worked and sacrificed and for the most part, that's how I want to keep it.  I have told people repeatedly that to ask for help is one thing...and I will be glad to help as much as I am able, but to demand or threaten me for what I have will not be well received by me...and I am well prepared to deal with such.  After I watched this video the first time, it caused me to take a step back and re-evaluate my preparations because not all preps are physical or temporal in nature.  We must prepare spiritually and emotionally as well.  A big part of our spiritual preparations must include regular prayer, scripture study on a very regular basis and doing all we can to live God's commandments so that if it is not our lot to "survive" as we may so desire, all will be well with us and ours in the end.  We have God's word on that.  A big part of that will also include just how much we are willing to sacrifice in order to help those around us regardless of how WE feel about their situations, choices and/or refusal to prepare to help themselves.  Now, that being said, we also have to identify our lines in the sand: How far will we go and not go in sacrificing what we have?  There is no right or wrong answer for that, other than what is right for each individual.  Again, this is something that should be considered prayerfully.

Pay close attention to how the people act/react in this video before and after the "emergency".