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Realizing that there's only so much we can do to influence and persuade our U.S. Legislators, especially when it comes to destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we must focus more attention on strengthening our states.  Remember, anything that is not specifically outlined as the reponsibility/authority of the federal government in the U.S. Constitution falls back to the individual states to decide, which right is protected under the Tenth Amendment.  Not only is the destruction of the Second Amendment (in it's proper spirit and original intent) unconstitutional, it is actually ANTI-constitution which makes it ILLEGAL in its very nature and it's the states' responsibilities to shore it up, protect and defend it.  Our rights come from God and must not be confused with government-granted "privileges".  When it comes to RIGHTS, the government has not power nor authority to grant nor take away but they don't want you to know that.  The dumber they can keep you, the better.  They want you to believe that any law the federal government enacts is the "supreme law of the land" regardless of whether it is constitutional or not.  We can't fall for that lie and we can't let our neighbors fall for it, either.  If we surrender any rights away because of the government's cunning tactics, they will be lost forever unless blood is shed to regain them.  We must stand firm and we must make sure of where our states stand on these very important issues, the most pressing of which at this moment seems to be the attack on the Second Amendment.

The following is a letter I've written to the editor of our local newspaper and I plan on following it up with a very personal visit to my county sheriff to hold his feet to the fire, so to speak.

Prepare Idaho For Federal Firearms Ban

With the federal government moving at lightning speed to implement bans (and likely confiscations) on our firearms, we must work now to prepare Idaho against any and all such legislation.  The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights by our Founders not for hunting and sporting but specifically to preserve our right and ability to throw off a tyrannical government.  Not only is a federal ban of any kind unconstitutional, it is actually ANTI-constitutional and our right to resist and defend ourselves against it us is protected under the Tenth Amendment.  I have already written several of our state legislators (I've given up on Butch Otter since he caved to ObamaCare, his office acting annoyed that I would dare question his support for an exchange) and received replies back from Rep. JoAn Wood (though her response back wasn't exactly on topic--maybe a form letter??), Rep. Paul Romrell (seems solid and supportive) and Senator Dean Mortimer.  Each of the three that have taken the time to reply back to me have stated that there are several legislators working on various bills to reinforce our state constitution and statutes and hope to have something ready for introduction soon.  If you've not already contacted any state legislators and/or the governor I would encourage you to do so now and without delay instead of hoping that our US Representatives and Senators will be able to do anything about it before it gets here.  We must follow the lead of Wyoming, Texas and a few other states who have decided that this kind of tyranny is unacceptable which will, in turn, help other states gain courage to stand as well.

I also call upon Sheriff Blair Olsen to let us know publicly where he stands on this issue:  Will you stand beside us in our right to keep and bear any and all arms as we see fit (our God-given right) or will you stand against us by allowing and enforcing anti-constitutional laws?  You must understand the importance of your office and that you are our last line of defense, for you are employed by us to protect and defend the rights that are ours.  It's a heavy burden to bear but we citizens who love and honor this state, nation and their respective constitutions will stand beside you with unwavering support if you will but stand in our defense.  It would be ideal to hold a "town-hall" style meeting in which you can publicly declare your stance and resolve any concerns brought before you but, at the very least, we need a published statement from you.  Follow the example of other courageous sheriffs across the nation who have not only decided to stand against any and all gun-ban laws but also will not allow any other infringements upon their citizens' rights as a result of federal laws and/or executive orders. 

NOW is when we make our stand.

Jason A. Kofoed