One of the headlines from last night has been that at least one state senator and even the governor of Michigan are actually giving serious consideration to the idea of dissolving the City of Detroit, allowing Wayne County to absorb it...and its problems (read here).  It makes one wonder:  how many more cities will follow in coming days?  There are some very strong major cities in the U.S. but there are also some that are really struggling for various reasons ranging from the struggling economy to fraud and other high-ranking criminal activity within their own governments and city organizations.  High crime rates seem to go hand-in-had with these cash-strapped cities...especially those with high rates of unemployment and welfare recipients.  Does that mean that all of the unemployed and those receiving state-funded welfare assistance are the cause for the problems?  No.  However, I think this is a prime example of what happens when a whole bunch of people find themselves unable to feel "productive" and provide for themselves.  It really is a sad state and I expect to see much more of it across the nation in the coming days, months and years.  Take away a man's ability to provide for himself (and his family) and you break his spirit in very short time. 

Below is a short youtube video that I saw just a day before I heard the news about Detroit's latest problems and thought you might enjoy it.  It is centered around the Detroit Fire Department (being a firefighter myself, I find it quite interesting) and how the city continues to deteriorate...while others are trying to do what they can to make a positive difference the best ways they know how.