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11 September 2013

By Jason A. Kofoed


I feel impressed to write just a little as the 12th anniversary since the 9/11 attacks approaches.  You see, my full-time job is as a firefighter and I've now been in the fire service for 20 years.  I remember ever so vividly the morning of September 11, 2001.  My crew was just coming on duty that morning and both the off-going crew as well as my crew were gathered around the TV watching the smoke come from the upper floors of the first tower to be hit.  From there, the day became so surreal, especially as we watched those towers fall with 343 firefighters still inside doing all they could to save lives and protect property.  They had no clue those building would collapse because, well, skyscrapers don't collapse due to plane impacts nor fire damage.  Many of these older veterans of the fire service had fought dozens of high-rise fires and never gave a second thought to setting up their command post in the lobby of one of the towers, much less parking all of their equipment within close proximity to the structures.  Skyscraper highrises just don't fall down.

However, that day, 3 of them fell in near-perfect form, killing over 3,000 innocent civilians, firefighters and other emergency responders.  It still breaks my heart to see the pictures of these men and women who truly made the ultimate sacrifice trying to help their fellow men.  I'm not going to get into what I believe the attacks were all about, who carried them out or who facilitated them.  Anyone who knows me or follows my posts here on this website already knows where I stand on those issues.  One day, the truth will be exposed to all the World, brighter than the Sun at noon-day and there will no longer be any questions, only justice being served and meted out to those who were really responsible.  The arguing and debates will end once and for all as we all stand before the Judgement Bar of Almighty God.

Tomorrow morning, those of us who are on duty will be given 3 hours of "stand-down" time to be spent reflecting on the events of that day 12 years ago.  Some of the guys are planning on anything and everything to represent the number 343 in memory of the fallen firefighters, such as climbing 343 flights of stairs, while others will just take some time to quietly reflect in whatever way they see fit.  Personally, I'm not a ceremonious person when it comes to things like this, even if my feelings are tender.  What I will do is what I strive to do each and every day on behalf of this website: bring to light all the hidden things of darkness that I possibly can to enlighten and to educate anyone who will take the time to read and watch what I am able to find and share.  I have but one agenda for Silly Sheeple and that is to seek out the truth and share it with everyone that will listen.  If I accomplish nothing else in my lifetime, my children will at the very least know that Dad was a Truther who loved his God and his fellow men, not a Liar who sought to deceive and destroy them.

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