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02 September 2013

By Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

Over 90% of the American people do not want Obama to attack Syria. The top military leadership in this country has also advised against this fool’s errand. 


The following people, pictured below, and the criminal bankers that they represent, are the only ones that are itching for a fight with Syria. These are the faces what soon-to-be war criminals.


Only the banksters and their minions, pictured here, want war with Syria.


On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. received new physical evidence in the form of blood and hair samples that show sarin gas was used in the August 21 attack. To Mr. Kerry, I would say that nobody is disputing the use of sarin gas in Damascus. The fact that Secretary of State, John Kerry,  said the U.S. must respond with its credibility on the line. Really, Mr. Kerry, we have to attack Syria, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians all because your administration’s credibility is on the line? Where do reckless statements, such as these, cross over the line from abject stupidity and enter the realm of casting this administration as a regime which commits war crimes against the helpless? If we attack the innocent people in Syria, that is precisely what the responsible people will be, war criminals.




Assad is nobody's fool, he has had time to make himself and his military an elusive target in which multitudes will perish in the attempt to eradicate his forces.

Assad is nobody’s fool, he has had time to make himself and his military an elusive target in which multitudes will perish in the attempt to find and eradicate his forces.


Knowing that an unwarranted American military attack is inevitable, military officials have stated that Assad has moved assets such as military helicopters, tanks as well as heavy artillery pieces around the country, thus forcing the U.S. to reconfigure the use of cruise missiles and air strikes over a wider range of territory. Further, this does not totally mitigate the nearly 700 SCUD missiles that Assad has pointed at Israel. If Syria is attacked, it is clear that Israel will also be attacked. Therefore, if Obama sticks with targeting a well-defined set of  military and intelligence assets, then the wider dispersal range of the cruise-missile strikes will kill untold number of civilians. And this will create the one thing that  damage than originally intended because at least some of the targets have been taken out of the line of fire.


It has been widely reported that military officials have told Obama could adjust to Assad’s dispersal of weapons by expanding the number of strikes to hit more targets. However, there is a hidden cost for doing so. A wider dispersal of  American cruise missiles will undoubtedly cause collateral damage, thus greatly increasing the number of civilian casualties. This fact, alone, exposes the Obama deception for what it truly is because no rational leader would avenge Syrian civilian casualties caused by a sarin gas attack by killing tens of thousands of more Syrians. It is so clear that taking out Assad is a means to an end which is to use Syria as a launching pad from which to conduct a regime change in Iran and thus, save the almighty Petrodollar.


Another senior official said the dispersal of Assad’s military assets was “certainly detrimental” to target planning. This means a wider and more deadly war along with the possibility of escalating into World War III.


Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.

Even General Dempsey has reservations about attacking Syria.



 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has issued a warning to this administration about the folly of a military attack upon Syria. Dempsey wrote last month that, “As we weigh our options, we should be able to conclude with some confidence that use of force will move us toward the intended outcome. Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next. Deeper involvement is hard to avoid. And what would Dempsey be referring to with regard to deeper involvement and problems that would follow?” Dempsey is clearly worried about what comes after an attack upon Syria? He is clearly warning about the possibility of World War III. This is what Dempsey warned Congress about in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee. In an interview with ABC News,Dempsey stated that the lessons of Iraq heavily influence his belief regarding Syria.  


Nobody wants this war except the people who have much to gain and they are going to attempt to achieve their goals at the expense of the welfare of humanity. The late, great, Michael Jackson, was wrong about one thing, one bad apple does indeed spoil the whole bunch. We are seeing evidence of this fact inside of these events. If we do not quickly change course with regard to Syria, we may soon find out if America is truly a nation under judgment.