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13 March 2013

By James Simpson


Sometime in the next week or so, Accuracy in Media will publish my research report about militarization of police forces and the proliferation of terrifying and sometimes fatal SWAT raids as a routine tool of law enforcement. While some of these raids are justified, most are simply excuses to use the vast amount of military equipment being bequeathed to federal, state and local police.

In this report I discuss the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to label tea partiers, veterans, gun owners, Christians and pretty much anyone Obama doesn't like as "potential domestic terrorists." You have seen the reports. You have also seen how this information percolates down to the state and local level through organizations like DHS "Fusion Centers," which even leftwing organizations like the ACLU are up in arms about. You recall in particular the fusion center report that listed Ron Paul supporters as a profile for domestic terrorism.

DHS sees nothing wrong with this. Even more alarming is their use of the extreme leftist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center as consultants on right wing extremism! As I exhaustively documented in my Capital Research SPLC piece, they have been associated with and dominated by communists since their inception, and utilize the communist-inspired strategy of Partisan Tolerance - i.e. intolerance of anything other than extreme left ideology.

DHS is following a time-honored communist tactic of preemptively labeling your enemies exactly what you are, to put them on the defensive. DHS, and for that matter law enforcement at all levels, is not so stupid as to believe that the rallying grandparents of the Tea Party movement, gun owners or veterans are actual or even potential "domestic terrorists". But by labeling political enemies that way in the very high-profile manner they do, intimidates many people and makes them afraid to speak out or even associate with identified groups and individuals, lest they find their names on some government file or be erroneously lumped in targeted groups.

The whole point of this monologue is to introduce a story by Matt Bracken. Bracken has used the Left's tactic against them magnificently in a short story called "What I Saw at the Coup." In this tale a White House aide relates how her fellow advisors launch a plot to murder prominent conservatives in order to permanently silence the opposition.

Unlike the SPLC's hyperventilating about right-wing "hate" groups, it is not difficult to actually imagine the genuine extremists of this White House launching such a plot. In fact, the introduction explains that he wrote the story to discourage such a plan:

Short-fuse fiction by Matt Bracken intended to spread alarm among progressives, in the spirit of dispiriting them from ever attempting such a mad folly in order to cling to power.

Is it really so far fetched? In fact it is only one step beyond the deliberate destruction of our country they are already actively engaged in. Read the story and pass it on. The Left needs to get paranoid. After all, that is what they are trying to do to us. Excerpt:

I said something offhandedly to Dennis. “I just wish we could get rid of those bastards, once and for all.”

He stared at me for a long time, chewing on his second BLT sandwich until the Navy steward retreated from range, and then he said, “Actually, Jacinda, there is sort of a plan for that.”