Posted by Jason on Dec 31, 2012 under

Here it is, the final few hours of 2012.  As I reflect upon what has been and what is yet to come in 2013 it becomes so clear to me what we can expect.

The socialists that have taken over all three branches of the federal government are ready to move like they've never moved before but they are only held up by one thing: An armed populace.  They know they can't defeat us if we are armed, informed and able to communicate so they have to remedy that.  So, here we are with Obama's executive order on controlling the internet (supposedly ready to be released any day now) and he and the Legislative Branch BOTH threatening unprecedented gun control, which will likely be upheld by that joke of a "Supreme Court".  Folks, I don't know how they've risen above us with such power, but they have and there is noone to blame but ourselves, our parents and generations of grandparents since the Founding Fathers died off.  As far as this "Fiscal Cliff" thing--it's only a distraction for what they're doing with the other hand.  The taxation is coming, but it is only a symptom of the root problems we are facing.

The above image represents a famous quote by Thomas Jefferson that needs little explanation.  In this nation we have 3 classifications of people in my opinion: Patriots (TRUE patriots, not the sunshine kind that play in the shallow end of the pool), Tyrants (our governments- local, state and federal- are full of well as so-called progressive "activists" so numerous that one could hardly begin to count them) and sheeple (those who don't want to be bothered or disturbed; they want to keep their noses in the grass and go on in ignorance for it is too hard to do otherwise).  We cannot rely on ANY of the 3 branches of the federal government (this we know for sure) and so that takes us to the states and whether they have the courage to exercise and DEMAND their rights under the Tenth Amendment.  Some are doing just that and have become quite agressive in some of their stances, but this only goes so far as I've seen every state in this nation buckle and bend on at least ONE issue that they should have stood firmly against the federal government in.  My "governor" here in Idaho has caved to Obamacare.  He's a coward and I have no use for such men for they do not come close to having the salt that will be needed to defeat the feds in what is yet to come.  Everyone needs to evaluate their own states, statutes and legislatures and prepare accordingly.

I do not know how things are going to play out.  I give no attention to time lines by those who attempt to predict what is coming, though I understand their efforts and commend those who are genuinely trying to be useful in waking people up...trying to get them better prepared.  I have no use for superficial sensationalism that is so often forwarded to me via emails, put forth in the media and branded as "breaking news".  What I do value is facts and truth and I care not from what source they come from.  Right now, all the facts that I have before me indicate that a civil war is coming and I firmly believe it will begin in Chicago, Illinois, though I don't know (nor will I guess) how it will all be triggered.  I believe it will be a type of class warfare (organized labor unions against non-union parties) that will be greatly complicated by the current attack on the Second Amendment and exacerbated by one or more future false-flag events like Sandy Hook, Aurora or the first 9/11.  Which one will be the primary catalyst is not even speculated as I know that we should expect the unexpected and all things are fluid right now.  In fact, we have so many attacks upon the Constitution coming on every front right now that we are sitting on a powder keg and it won't take much of an ignition source to light this thing up.  The only thing I predict is that the next civil war is very, very close.  It is up to all of us to be watchful, vigilant and ready for what is to come.  The only thing that can stop this train is if this nation will drop to its knees and turn back to God.  Period.  The Founders understood this principle and KNEW that once the citizens as a whole turned away from Him that all of our protections and freedoms would be revoked.  Are we going to see that in this generation?  We very well could unless we act NOW and wake people up to the awefulness of our situation.

Let's all have a realistic 2013, shall we?  Let's turn off the garbage that doesn't matter and is even incapacitating our ability to see the big picture, prepare for and even prevent what will otherwise fall upon us for we have noone else to blame but ourselves for what is happening TODAY.