I knew this day was coming and have waited with baited breath.  Will the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) stand firm and true to their timeless moral values or will they cave to the demands of such a relatively small group of intolerant radicals?  Make no mistake, this is not about gays being allowed into the BSA, rather, it is about intolerance from the outside to morally-conservative values and Christianity itself.  It was just less than a year ago that this very issue was making headlines in the media and, at that time, the organization stood firm and true to their stance of being "morally straight" which, I believe, was the result of influencing pressure from the following three religious organizations that comprise a high percentage of chartered units within the BSA:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention.  I have confidence that these Christian-based religious groups will stand by their principles and values, but it appears that the Boy Scouts of America has chosen to part ways with their traditional values and it will be to their detriment.  We will find out Thursday when the national leaders of the BSA meet.

So, what happens post a morally-straight BSA?  Well, as I said above, as far as the BSA itself is concerned, it will be to their detriment; they will gain the praise of the World for a while but it will eventually end with them closing their doors due to sexual-abuse lawsuits, decreased funding and membership withdrawals.  This organization cannot thrive without the Christian values that it has embraced since its creation over a hundred years ago.  If they choose to allow practicing homosexuals to join the ranks of scouts and leaders of scouts then God will have no alternative but to withdraw His choice blessings upon that organization and they will no longer stand as a beacon of light to not only the United States, but to the World.  Notice I said practicing homosexuals as I do not in any way condemn people with same-sex attractions who choose not to act on those feelings and impulses any more than I would act on my own impulses to have intimate relations with anyone other than my wife.  Heterosexuals and homosexuals are all children of God and He loves them equally.  However, He fully expects them all to obey His commandments pertaining to moral purity.  We must ALL learn to bridle our passions in order to comply with the standards He has set for us if we want His most choice blessings upon us.

The groups that have supported and encouraged such firm moral values will be left with the difficult task of creating alternative programs for their young men and boys that will take the place of what the BSA has provided in the past.  This will be difficult, but not impossible.  Perhaps they will combine to create a multi-denominational organazation or maybe they'll just create their own, individual programs.  The most devastating aspect of this whole thing is the youth who will be subjected to the compromise of values and the loss of influence from other youth and leaders who have built and lived their lives upon the values that once stood as the foundation of the Boy Scouts of America. 

So, will the BSA stand firm or will they fall?  We will soon find out, but the fact that they released a statement PRIOR to the national meeting stating that they intend to allow practicing gays into the organization doesn't bode well in my opinion.  I can't see the BSA backing down at this point with such attention from the media, nor can I see the strongest Christian organizations choosing to stand beside them as they compromise their moral principles.

Time will tell.