Posted by Marla on Jun 10, 2013 under

As a mother of twins getting ready to start their senior year in high school, I have been focused on their public school curriculum.  I keep an eye on things that are happening in their school, and since it is a small school and still fairly conservative the number of things I take issue with are small.  I have battled designated days to promote gay awareness, CSCOPE lesson plans and implementation, and surveys unwittingly handed out to the kids which ask instrusive questions about parent's viewpoints on current issues.  I have had pretty good success, but today I faced another foe that caught me totally off-guard.

My daughter is interested in applying to Texas A & M in a pre-Veterinary Medicine field of study.  Since this requires many years of school, and the tuitition certainly is not cheap we decided to get a jump on financial matters by contacting the guidance counselor at the school regarding scholarships.  She directed us to an on-line scholarship link-up service that matches available scholarships to your child's information.  When it listed two pages of results I began weeding through the different scholarships, reading about each one to see if it was something we might be interested in.  What I found took me totally by surprise, although it shouldn't have.  Scholarships from Ameri-Corp under the name of City Year - Volunteer for America, Why Puppy Mills are Bad scholarship, Teen Pregnancy Education scholarship, Delete Cyberbullying scholarship, Heart Health Education scholarship which requires you to drag your father to the nearest pharmacy for a blood pressure screening, "Music Matters" which eerily reminds me of "Media Matters" and the Soros connection, and various other progressive-socialist groups showed up.  Many wanted nothing more than a list of other student's information such as names and email addresses in order to qualify for the scholarship "drawing".  Just to see how the agenda being pushed by the globalists and Marxist/Socialists has infilitrated through all aspects of the education system is shocking.  There were three legitimate scholarship funds that we accessed, and about 15 that were either seeking to brainwash students or use their information for marketing purposes.

We cannot take for granted that, even though our children might be old enough to do these sorts of things on their own, they will not fall victim to exploitation.  Remain vigilant in everything concerning your kids, because if you don't protect them from unscrupulous organizations they risk falling into their snares.