Posted by Jason on Jan 11, 2013 under

I've been looking through some of the School Sucks Project's material and felt to post a couple videos that I find of value.  One of the biggest problems we run into in trying to wake people up to the reality of OUR awful situation in this country is the white-washing of history.  Our public schools are largely leaving our kids ignorant at the end of the day and it's not necessarily the teachers' faults as they have been taught the same lies.  Every now and then a classroom is blessed with a teacher who is able to look outside of the box and puts forth the effort to do their own research into facts and correct moral principles rather than relying on the textbooks as so many others do.  If those who are "educating" our kids are not putting forth that effort, then it falls upon the shoulders of the parents to fill in the gaps and pluck out from our children the lies and inaccuracies that they have brought home with them from "school".  I understand that not everyone is blessed to be able to educate and homeschool their own kids, but if it's a realistic option in YOUR family, I highly recommend it.  We have been doing it for 6 or 7 years now and while it's not easy by any means, it is so very rewarding and we have control of what our kids are being taught.

Be careful of what you and others call "education".  Education does not necessarily mean "brick-and-mortor" schools or universities in a formal setting.  If you want a piece of paper that says you have a "degree" then you have to comply with those things...and you have to decide if that, and the debt that often comes with it, is right for you.  Otherwise, there are numerous other ways available to us to educate ourselves and continually further our knowlege, understanding and skills that should be considered.  I believe that there will come a day when trades will once again be in much higher demand and the skills needed to employ or become employed will not be found in a "degree", but in practical learning and application.  Don't get caught up in and bogged down by what the World considers a proper education.  Prayerfully consider what is right for YOU and YOUR FAMILY for it is not necessarily the same as what your neighbors feel is right for them.

Regardless of what path you choose, you must expend much effort to overcome the wave of lies that is sweeping our nation and our culture.  Hence, the reason I post the following two videos and will continue to share any others I find are of value.