By Jason A. Kofoed

Silly Sheeple

30 October 2014

While it's become quite common to look up in the sky and notice (some days) that there are a few chemtrails lingering in the air, today was especially heavy over Southeast Idaho.  In noticed this while out splitting firewood this morning and what caught my attention even more was the amount of stringy fibers floating around at various altitudes as far as I could see- thousands upon thousands of them.  There were also these really weird balls of fiber that somewhat resembled the fibers shed by Cottonwood trees in the Spring when they are seeding, but this is by far the wrong time of year for that...and there aren't any Cottonwood trees close enough by for us to be getting those things in our area anyway.

The stringy fibers are really long and very closely resemble the spider webs spun by tiny spiders that "catch a ride" on the wind around here in the Spring, but there were absolutely no spiders connected to any of these things.  I tried to catch them on video as well as with still photography, but they're just so fine and minute that they just wouldn't show up with the exception of a few brief sun reflections that resemble a "sparkling" look in the video below:


This is what the skies around my house looked like this morning: