Image Courtesy of Soda Head

By Jason A. Kofoed

17 May 2013


Well, we can't really say that it's "news" to us, but it is quite an interesting turn of events nonetheless.  The only question to be asked is "Why?".  One of the biggest frustrations we face is trying to teach and remind folks to not get distracted by the puppets, rather we need to be exposing their controllers.  I don't know what the elitists have planned for Barack at this point, but I do know that none of this is happening by accident.  Will there be a massive false flag event to distract us all and more fully gain control over us by way of fear or will they throw him out like yesterday's garbage so that they can accomplish something greater through all of this?  Unfortunately, we don't know any of this for sure but what we can tell you is what will not happen.

I am so disappointed by the passions and excitements of the moment that have people thinking that things will change.  These superficial, manufactured and highly propagandized "unifications" are always short lived and are used to manipulate the gullible into thinking they are regaining power over the powerful.  This, of course, is a pipe dream.  Anytime the focus of the days' news stories is upon the puppets you can be assured that we are sitting still, tires spinning, wasting our time.  It's all a distraction and/or a diversion to accomodate something greater and we fall for it every time.  I listened to just a few minutes of Glenn Beck yesterday afternoon ranting and raving about how he is not a "conspiracy theorist" and that what he says is "fact".  He is so concerned with being validated in every way possible without ever using that dreaded "C" word...even to the point of sounding so pathetic and ignorant, convincing me that he doesn't even know what the words "conspire" and "conspiracy" even mean.  Folks, there are conspiracies all around us and what were once yesterday's "theories" are now being proven to be "facts" before our very eyes...but they are still conspiracies nonetheless.  A conspiracy is an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formed in secret by two or more people.  Do you REALLY want to tell me there are no conspiracies?  Seriously, Glenn- wake up and take off that sheep's costume.  Start naming names because we know you have them and you can start by confessing your former boss Rupert Murdoch.  You start doing that and you will gain some real respect and start making some real progress because WE know that YOU know.

Now, we don't need to know what the purpose is behind all of these scandals coming to light to know that something big is on the horizon.  Whether the donkey party or the elephant party end up in control of things makes no difference whatsoever.  What we are seeing is a change in plans and an acceleration towards something dark up ahead.  The day the puppets start being set aside while the focus and attention is placed upon their masters is the day that my outlook and prediction on things will change.  Without our nation practicing repentance before God we can all but be assured that the evil forces will remain in power over and above us.  Nothing else can change our course but repentence and turning back to God.  With His help, all the "hidden things of darkness" can be brought to light in order to save His children both spiritually as well as physically/temporally, but if we rely upon ourselves we can only expect that Satan will maintain his hold upon this Earth.

Don't be fooled and lulled away into false hopes.  "Be wise as serpents" and prepare to face the difficult days ahead with faith that those who turn unto God will fine themselves exalted in the end.  He is the way!