By Jason A. Kofoed

Silly Sheeple

09 March 2014

This morning I happened to catch the last few minutes of a speech given by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. of The Southern Baptists Theological Seminary.  The speech entitled "Strengthening the Things That Remain", given on 25 February 2014 at BYU-Provo, was a sort of follow-up to an earlier speech he gave in October of last year which was entitled “A Clear and Present Danger: Religious Liberty, Marriage and Family in the Late Modern Age”, also given at BYU-Provo.  While I wasn't able to watch the entire video (yet) of his most recent speech given in February I have been able to find the text of the one given in October.  While we decisively disagree on many points of religious doctrine (some of the differences he makes very clear in his speeches), I find myself in agreement with his warnings about what is soon to befall our society, and more especially what likely lies ahead for the true Christians who will not surrender their convictions.  In this I stand beside Mr. Mohler and feel it important to share what he believes is coming.

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