24 April 2013

(Before It's News)


Police found the body of a man in the Providence River and they think it is ‘very possible’ that it is missing student Sunil Tripathi who was wrongly accused of being one of the Boston Marathon bombers. Tripathi, 22, was a Brown University student and has been missing since the middle of March. 
Authorities are hoping to reveal the identity of the body today, but police lieutenant Joseph Donnelly told The Boston Globe that ‘it’s very, very possible’ that it is Tripathi. The body was discovered on Tuesday evening around 6pm in the river near the Wyndham Garden Providence Hotel, but it is not yet known when the person died. The hotel is a little over a mile from Tripathi’s apartment on Angell Street where he was last seen on March 16. His cell phone and wallet were left in his apartment. 
Coincedence?  Is it just me or is this odd that he has been found dead?  Did his disappearence have anything to do with the Boston bombings?  Any connections to the Tsarnaev Bros.?  -Mort