With the recent development of Wyoming and now Texas drafting legislation against the federal government coming into their states to enforce federal laws against firearms (and possibly even confiscation) it is a very good time to call and/or write your own state legislators to pursue the same actions.  We must demand that our states provide us a safe and secure place to live simply by preserving our Constitutional rights.  No new laws need created save those that ENSURE that our rights are preserved.  If those laws already exist, strengthen them!  It is time to peacfully stand against the federal government and NEVER EVER let them take away our ability to defend ourselves against criminals within as well as without the federal government, military, et al.

From the Tenth Amendment Center:

Texas Legislator to File Firearms Protection Act

Austin, TX – State Representative Steve Toth (The Woodlands) has begun the process to file legislation assisting the protection of the Second Amendment of the United State Constitution. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries. Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal.

“We can no longer depend on the Federal Government and this Administration to uphold a Constitution that they no longer believe in. The liberties of the People of Texas and the sovereignty of our State are too important to just let the Federal Government take them away. The overreach of the federal administrations executive orders that are do not align with the Constitution, are not very popular here in Texas,” said Representative Toth.

Along with Wyoming, Texas will lead the country in continuing to stand for the sovereignty to run Texas as Texans see fit while exercising the Bill of Rights Amendments 2 & 10 to “prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers… [to] extending the ground of public confidence in the Government.” Along with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who has already filed over twenty-three suits against the Federal Government, Representative Toth will continue to stand with other Texans to encouraging the promotion of personal responsibility and liberties while actively guarding against outside parties attempting to erode the freedoms enjoyed by Texans so that the people of Texas may have more confidence in their government.

Steve Toth is the newly elected State Representative for District 15, which includes The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Imperial Oaks, Oak Ridge North and Benders Landing along with some of the surrounding areas. He lives and works in District 15 and is establishing a House District 15 Office in Alden Bridge near the corner of Research Forest and Kuykendahl that he hopes to open by February of this coming year.


If you would like to see model legislation to introduce in your state to nullify federal firearm laws, please see The Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation: The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.

Track the status of 2nd Amendment preservation legislation in states around the country HERE


Please contact State Rep Steve Toth and while the bill is still being drafted, encourage him to introduce a bill along these lines to nullify ALL federal acts, orders, laws, etc – on firearms. they’re all unconstitutional. Make sure to thank him for his courage and dedication to the Constitution too! Office Number is (512) 463-0797

Texas activists, join the 2nd Amendment Preservation group to support this bill on Facebook:

If you are a Texas resident and have concerns about the federal government banning firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition and would like to see this get assigned to a committee and be up for debate on the house floor, please contact your Representative at this link.