By Jason A. Kofoed


As I was working out here at the fire station this morning, I had one of the dreaded mainstream news channels on as they were discussing how both houses of Congress are scampering to cover up their intentions of obtaining 'exemptions' from ObamaCare for them and their staffers/advisors.  I marveled and wondered to myself, How much more will the small majority of awake sheepdogs take from these bottom feeders?  Seriously!  Have you ever contemplated the power and strength that is in our numbers?  We allow 545 people to make the "rules and laws" for the other 300+ million of us (435 in the House, 100 in the Senate, 9 in the Supreme Court and 1 Executive oxygen thief).  How does this happen?  Is this what you voted for?  Do you really believe they got where they are because of fair, clean elections to start with?  How many times will you allow yourselves to be whipped by the task masters before you rise up and take the whip from them?

Humor me for just a moment and imagine if you will what would/could happen if we gathered a force of, say, 50,000 of us (100,000 would be better)- each and every one of us unarmed- and marched up to Capitol Hill.  From there, we calmly and peacefully walk into Our Houses  and proceed to escort each and every congressman, senator, staffer and advisor out of 'their' offices.  Once we get them out of 'their' offices, we proceed to clean out of all of their personal belongings leaving the vacated office ready for the next occupant that we vote in with honest elections witnessed by We the People.  Leave the former tenants to find their own ways back home where their constituents can pursue legal actions against them.  Most of them would be tried and sentenced for treason, of course, and they can serve as examples to the next group of would-be powerseekers. 

What do you think?  Reasonable?  Well, it should be.  Probable?  No way.  Why?  "Laws", culture, fear, sleeping sheeple, etc. stand in our way.  Would I like to be proven wrong?  You bet!  Would I like to be able to peacefully remove EACH and EVERY one of these traitors from office?  Absolutely!  However, I have a sneaking suspicion that our federal government would like nothing more than to fill the patriots with such rage that they will not even be able to think or see straight...which, unfortunately, they are already doing with success to a certain degree but we can't allow ourselves to reach that point.  We must be peaceful and abide by the LAWFUL (Constitutional) laws of the land and work from there.  Are there other ways to get these traitors out of office?  I'm sure there are, but I'm just not sure which ones would ever work.  What I do know, though, is that we must pull together so that when times get tough, we don't turn on each other and eat our own.  Are we prepared and ready to help one another to the extent that we would rather do without so that our neighbor can have what is needed?  How long are we prepared to make such sacrifices?

We need leaders.  Leaders who are upright, God-fearing, God-serving and morally straight.  Can you be such a leader?  If not, how far are you willing to go to follow such leaders in a righteous cause?  The day is fast approaching so it would do us all well to ponder and decide which side we're on: Good or evil.