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April 24, 2013



Boston Marathon Bombing Immediately Labeled False Flag

From the very beginning, the Boston Marathon bombing has been declared a false flag event. More holes in the official narrative keep getting exposed. The facts and questions surrounding the event are important to not only understand the current situation, but also what this event will mean for our future, and already accelerating loss of freedoms.

The U.S. Government and the mainstream media is holding to a story that has been riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions. It doesn’t matter, really. The masses are still eating it up. Sure, there are those of us who are crying out that this was a staged event, but our voices are quickly muted in the cacophonous rancor of the masses. To top it off, the government and MSM are now trying to put the alleged “bombers” and anti-war websites in the same camp.

He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.

Official: Suspect says Iraq, Afghanistan drove Boston bombings:

The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has cited the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as motivating factors behind last week’s attack, a U.S. government official said Tuesday.

This, like Bush’s statements on 9/11 are pointing the finger at alternative news and disinfo debunking sources as  fuel for extremists. Obama has now made similar statements, that we should wait for the official word from the government to know what to believe. Apparently we must trust the government and MSM’s official story else we are labeled as part of the problem, and sympathizers of terrorism. This is a logical fallacy and is completely unfair and antithetical to truth and openness.

Accelerating the Police State

Boston Police State

Armed law enforcement and military patrol the streets in police state Boston after the marathon bombings.

This entire charade is meant to force us to willingly give up our freedoms in the name of security. Congressman Peter King and Michael Bloomberg have recently stated that the Boston Marathon bombings prove that we desperately need more surveillance cameras. If we have surveillance footage of the bombers already, and couldn’t stop the attack, how will more surveillance cameras help? This is an absolutely ridiculous notion that insults our intelligence.

This direct attack on our freedoms was predicted as soon as the news of the bombings hit the air. It is quite eerie how these predictions have come true, and the effects are chilling:

Over the course of the last month, while Americans were distracted with the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and the devastation wrought by the Boston bombings, President Obama was quietly working behind the scenes to craft laws and regulations that will further erode the Second Amendment.

Whether through the effects of the bombing, or through a distraction from the bombing, our rights and liberties are being destroyed while we watch. In fact, TPTB have engineered these attacks to make the citizens demand outrageous action like this. Problem, Reaction, Solution anyone?

Putting On The Pressure

While you were distracted by Boston and Texas, Congress passed CISPA

The Boston Marathon Bombing Provided The Means For Further Erosion of Freedoms and Liberties

These so-called “pressure cooker bombs” were made with household materials, or other materials which are easily obtained. This further opens the door for a large erosion of our liberties. From further controls on gun related purchases, to gun confiscation, to tighter controls on everything we buy, like fireworks, and even the passing of CISPA, the “solution” will be worse than the problem; guaranteed.

Expect to see further legislation that will take away what few rights privileges we have. The rabid voices calling for an end to citizen journalism, or alternative news will only get louder and more vicious. We are rapidly approaching the boiling point and if something isn’t done soon, it will be too late. It is up to you and I, valued reader, to raise our voices louder and get the message to everyone…everyone. If we can’t or don’t speak the truth, we are complicit in what will come of us.