I think many of us are highly suspect that this past presidential election was rigged (as have been previous ones).  Reports of equipment malfunction, delayed ballot mailings, etc. began even weeks before the actual election took place as a large number of American voters opted for early voting this time around and with a whole lot of eyes watching for potential fraud this time around it was just too hard to miss.  Reports even in the  bought-and-paid-for lame-stream media were floating around all over the place with claims from states all across the nation.

The following video presents a good summary of some of the instances and evidences that the election was rigged from the start and validates Stalin's claim that it's not the voters who matter, rather, it is those who count the votes that matter.  We do our civic, moral and patriotic duty by reporting to the polls every two years and cast our ballots with hopes that we are voting for the right representatives of the different offices but are ultimately at the mercy of the vote counters.  Corruption is burning in the hearts of way too many that have been placed in mighty positions of authority where so much is on the line and it's important that we wake up and get more involved in the process.  We have a RIGHT to witness the counting of any and all votes wherein we reside and must exercise that right.

This video is presented with Molotov Player and may not be recognized by all browsers but does work with Firefox.  I am not able to embed it, but following the link is well worth your time.