The press conference with the medical examiner (H. Wayne Carver) charged with performing the autopsies for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was a little more than just "odd".  For a group of "officials" who are working so hard to discredit those who are digging deeper in search of answers to their questions--even giving them the "discrediting" label (in their eyes) of conspiracy theorists--you would think they would have gotten someone more capable (the janitor perhaps) to give the press briefing.  There are so many red flags with this guy that I don't even know where to begin, but I'm going to post two videos.  The first one is edited to magnify the "inadequacies", strange comments and behaviors.  The second one is the entire briefing if you are interested in the whole thing.  The spirit in which I post the first clip is NOT to make fun of or belittle the guy, only to amplify what I and others find to be so unsettling about him.



It's important to pay very, very close attention to what the media is NOT reporting in every aspect of this incident.  Watch the alternative internet reports and investigations and pay very, VERY close to the first-hand accounts that continue to spring up here and there.  There is MUCH that is being hidden in all of this and I can't begin to grasp the magnitude of it just yet.  All I can do is watch closely and I'll continue to do my best to share everything I find that I feel is significant and/or of value.