By Jason Kofoed

...We're not.

In fact, our optimism for the days ahead have just been renewed this past weekend as we heard many inspiring talks from the leaders of our Church.  Does that mean that the days ahead will be easy?  Absolutely not, save it be for a very, very few.  As we all know, it "rains on the righteous as well as the wicked" and the storm clouds have been gathering above and around us for quite some time now.  In fact, they are weighing heavier than ever and the rain will begin to burst forth at any moment.  So, how can we be optimistic about the future?  FAITH IN GOD AND HIS PLAN OF SALVATION.

You see, God does indeed have a plan for each and every one of us and it began long before we came to Earth.  The day we were born into this world was the day we began our journey back to Him.  Our time here on Earth will determine our "hereafter" and much of that has to do with our attitudes about the situations we find ourselves in from day to day.  Do we get frustrated when difficult circumstances arise?  Do we gripe and complain and wonder Why me?  Do we allow these difficult trials to diminsh our faith in God...that He exists, loves and cares about us?  Or do we see these experiences as opportunities for growth and learning to draw closer to Him?  He is there.  He loves and cares about us even when we become discouraged and frustrated.  He stands with open arms ready to receive and bless us if we will but turn to Him in faith and action.  We determine our own destinies even when we are placed in circumstances that are beyond our control simply by how we react to and deal with them.  Perhaps we will endure and survive the difficult days ahead which lead to His Second Coming.  Perhaps some of us will not.  However, regardless of whether we live or die all will be well with us if we turn to Him and obey His commandments...enduring to the "end".

This is why we here at Silly Sheeple are not distracted by the evil and negative that surrounds us:  We choose to look beyond the "here and now" and look towards the eternities in which we can live in God's presence (along with our families) throughout all eternity!  This is why we are optimistic!



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