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ICE Whistleblower Drops Bombshell: La Raza Running Obama’s Immigration

Saturday, May 11, 2013

(Before It's News)

In this shocking interview, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) Union President Chris Crane was invited on to the Mark Levin Show Thursday night to explain how the Obama administration has been ‘cooking the books’ on immigration enforcement. What he had to say was startling. ICE, given the task of protecting Americans and America, are unable to do so and to hear a man like Crane speak out shows what we are up against: Immigration enforcement is run by La Raza.:

The head of the union representing members of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the Homeland Security Department on Thursday stated that immigration enforcement is being run by leaders of a racist group known as La Raza (“The Race”).

According to Chris Crane, the current president of the union for ICE agents, the National ICE Council, President Barack Obama, Secretary of Homeland SecurityJanet Napolitano, and ICE Director John Morton have all but abdicated their leadership in the enforcement of immigration laws and the protection of U.S. borders and citizens.

In the first video ICE whistleblower Crane shares his startling story while in the second video below we learn that Crane and fellow ICE agents have filed a lawsuit against DHS head Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. First, from The Right Scoop.:

This is huge. According to ICE Union president Chris Crane, ICE agents can no longer make street arrests of people they suspect to be illegal aliens, illegal alien gang members or illegal alien criminals, despite having the authority to do so by laws enacted by Congress. He says they are under orders to wait until the illegal alien commits a crime, gets arrested by law enforcement and booked into a jail before they can even intercede. Much more below.

When it comes to cooking the immigration books, Crane says the record number of deportations that the Obama administration touts is a complete fraud. He calls it a shell game, saying what really happens is illegal aliens caught crossing the border by the Border Patrol and then sent back across are now added to ICE’s numbers of deportations, thus inflating the numbers immensely. Crane said last year over 50% of the deportations in ICE’s numbers were from those the border patrol agents caught and sent back across.

The first video contains part of Levin’s interview with Crane, including Crane’s admission that LaRaza is running Obama’s Immigration department; the second video shares with us the news of ICE and Crane’s lawsuit against Janet Napolitano.

Thanks and respect goes out to ICE and Chris Crane for having the courage to speak out loudly and clearly. How in the world is the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security getting away with this? Aren’t they supposed to be protecting us?