Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple
March 22nd, 2013


While the people of Cyprus are rightfully outraged by the theft attempted by Euro zone politicians and financing firms, the majority of deposits on this tiny tax-haven shelter come from Russian businessman, politicians and mafiosos.

There is reportedly in excess of $20 billion dollars in deposits being held in Cyprus, the majority of which is owned by Russian elites.

The move proposed by EU members and supported by numerous Cypriots would essentially steal 10% of those Russian deposits – around $2 billion dollars worth.

That’s the low-end estimate. According to a report at Market Ticker, the attempted theft of Russian-originated funds could be significantly higher:

There are also rumors that they’re going to try to “haircut” Russian (mobster) deposits by 40%.  How thick is the kevlar vest you’re wearing, and do you have a food taster?  Another way to put this: Do your prefer your poisioning by high-speed lead or polonium?

The Russian mafia is well known for their brutality, and you can be assured that should the EU move forward with this move, bodies will soon be hitting the floor all over Europe (and perhaps in the U.S. as well).

Vladimir Putin, who is rumored to be one of the richest men in the world, no doubt has Cypriot banking connections through numerous Russian oligarchs he reportedly has partnerships with, so in essence, the EU is directly messing with the personal financial holdings of the President of Russia. In a recent interview, Putin said that the Cypriot move is, “unfair, unprofessional, and dangerous,” a claim that may have a double meaning and should be a warning to anyone who thinks that Russians will simply stand by and watch as billions of their dollars are vaporized.

Analyst Dennis Gartman notes that the EU and Cyprus have “angered the people in the world you’d least wish to anger.”

To think otherwise was and is naïve. Ah, but now you’ve stolen Russia money… or soon shall depending upon the vote in the Cypriot parliament… and that is dangerous… very.

One does not steal Russian mafia money and get away with it. There are fewer statements of fact that are more certain, more factual, more unyielding than this statement.

Russian Mafia figures do not take well to being stolen from, and they take even less well to be made fools of.

We see no reason to mince words at this point: People will be hurt over this decision; some shall be killed.

Source: Business Insider

The Russian mafia and oligarchs know very well where these ideas originated, and they will seek revenge.

It will be swift. It will be violent. It will likely be public, so as to send a warning to anyone who wants to mess with Russians in the future.

For those who doubt their resolve, consider what happened when the Polish government attempted to play games with Russia several years ago over their willingness to support a US missile defense shield and other Western ideas.

The upper echelons of their government were wiped out when their plane crashed over Russia. Among the dead were the Polish President, his wife, the top general of their military and the head of their central bank.

Mainstream media reports indicate this was an accident.

Uh-huh. Sure it was.

Look for a lot more “accidents” in response to the latest move by European leaders and bankers.

When the Russians come knocking, kevlar vests won’t be enough.

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