Marx, Lenin and Mao.  Don't they just make you all sorts of warm inside? 

Me either.

As we watch the republic crumble all around us and witness our Constitution being shredded before our very eyes, we can't help but wonder:  is it socialism or communism?  What is the difference?  To understand the differences is to also understand that the end result is the same: we will live in socialism under the rule of ruthless, blood-thirsty, power-seeking dictators...just as with all other nations that communism has taken control of.  If we do not get up and awaken those around us to our awful situation, we will stand alone in our introduction to this bondage and slavery while those countries who have "been there, done that" are fighting to achieve what we have long since lost.  Is that where YOU want to be?  I don't...nor do my children.

In approaching the terms of communism and socialism, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina made a very good point in a letter to the editor of the Washington Post, August 6, 1961:

". . . Both socialism and communism derive from the teachings of Marx and Engels. In fact, the movements were one until the split over methods of approach, which resulted after the Russian revolution in 1905 . . . The aim and purpose of both was then and is now world socialism, which communism seeks to achieve through revolution and which socialists seek to achieve through evolution.

"The industrial achievements of the U. S. are the result of an economic system which is the antithesis of socialism. Our economic system is called 'capitalism' or 'private enterprise' and is based on private property rights, the profit motive and competition.

"Both communism and socialism seek to destroy our economic system and replace it with socialism; and their success, whether through evolution by socialism or through revolution by communism or a combination, will destroy not only our economic system, but our liberty, including the 'civil' aspects as well . . .

". . . The 'common ground' of socialism and communism is a factor to which the American people should be alerted. Without a clear understanding that communism is socialism, the total threat and menace of the cold war can never be comprehended and fought to victory."

According to Mr. Thurmond all those years ago, we are (so far) under the definition of "socialism" because it is being introduced by "evolution".  However, as things are starting to feel all around us now, we could easily evolve into a combination of both "evolution" and "revolution"...or at the point of a having a full implementation of socialism right here in the United States of America.  Obama is a magnet in drawing out the socialist/revolutionary/progresive types and I firmly believe that the ruling Powers That Be know exactly how to use them.

Folks, we have to understand that this is a battle between good and evil- PERIOD.  Everything that is good is of God and Satan will do everything he can to counterfeit all that is good.  He's very, very good at it and can make it all quite appealing, especially to those who consider themselves to be the "have-nots" that have been wronged by the "haves""Socialism is easier and more fair" they will say but we have to do all we can to teach them why it is evil.  We are a country based upon our rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of our own happiness.  Therefore, we have the duty and responsibility to ensure that controlling power...stands in the way of preserving these God-given rights.  No man can bestow them, nor can any man take them away for they are NOT man's to give.  Rather, we are stewards over this land and our lives and as any good steward, we will be held accountable for what we do with them.  If the people as a whole, or even as a majority, choose the darker path then we must have faith that the effort we have put forth in trying to preserve our rights and liberty are sufficient to procure the blessings of The Almighty God.

Now, let us go to work and do all that we can to stop the evil that is socialism.