By Jason Kofoed

It seems that everytime I walk by a television that is turned on, hear a news report local, national or international or in scouring the internet searching for items that are actually newsworthy I keep running across the word "discrimination" nauseum.  When will it ever end?  It seems that any and all groups and individuals who fail to get their way scream discrimination as if it were reflexive or instinctive.  Do people even understand what that word means?  Why do we avoid it being pinned to us like we do these plague-laced lables: "homophobe", "racist", "sexist", "birther", "truther", etc.?  Is there inherent shame that comes along with any of these phrases that are so prominantly used by progressives or are we just being manipulated and backed into a corner when we should be standing firm?  Now, I'm not saying that there aren't some cases in which it is wrong to discriminate, but just how far should we allow ourselves to be pushed when we are being labeled as discriminatory? 

Let's look at some of the above examples first to set the tone here:

"Homophobe":  Am I afraid of homosexuals?  No, but the ones that are open and display their tendancies like a peacock make me uncomfortable and nervous, so I tend to avoid such people...which makes me a bad person according to some.

"Racist":  Am I racist?  No, I judge each person equally based upon their actions to the extent that it pertains to and affects me and mine.  Do I care if the person is black, white, Mexican, Asian, etc.?  No.  It makes no difference to me, but if you happen to pass any kind of judgement on anyone of a race different than your own, hang on!  You're a RACIST!

"Sexist":  Am I sexist?  Uh, no.  There are many women in my life who I love very deeply but that doesn't mean that I'm going to go out of my way to give the opposite sex preferential treatment to the point that I end up neglecting other things of more importance...just so that I can avoid being labeled as sexist.

"Birther":  Am I a birther?  Sure I am.  I think every president should provide proof of his citizenship.  Period.  I wear this label with pride, thank you very much, Glenn Beck.

"Truther":  Am I a truther?  Absolutely!  How can this be a bad thing?  I seek truth in ALL things and will pull it from wherever it is to be found.  Again, I wear this one without shame.

So, how can I use my own best judgement and discernment without being accused of discrimination?  Is it possible?  I believe it is.  I have to discriminate everytime I form friendships and decide who I will and will not trust.  Individual discrimination is something that is inherent with our survival and ability to progress and thrive, but it should never be done in a hateful manner nor with the intent to hurt another's feelings.  What about group discrimination?  The first thing that comes to mind is to "hate the sin, love the sinner".  If I have reason to discriminate against any group of people it will always be because I disagree with an agenda or lifestyle they are trying to advance and/or push upon others.  Is this form of discrimination wrong?  Absolutely not!  Another word that is often carelessly tossed around is "tolerance"...which is normally DEMANDED by those who I and many others have decided to discriminate against.  Funny how tolerance is almost always one sided, isn't it?  I believe people should be allowed and encouraged to live as they please in private (with the hope that they will do so with moral integrity) but when it is dragged out into the open and someone tries to force it upon me to accept, that's when my individual rights have been violated and I will push back.  Hard, if need be.  When it comes to MY rights, My survival and the same for MY family I will never back down.  It is my DUTY to stand and be counted on the side of righteousness and for that I will never have need to apologize. Good is good, evil is evil.

Life experience has helped me to refine my judgements, prejudices and discriminations but I am far from anyone who knows me can tell you.  However, I move forward and learn from my mistakes.  If more of us would strive to live righteous lives full of integrity and a love of God and our fellow men, I believe that we would all have the ability to judge so purely that we could eliminate many of the problems that plague this once-great nation of ours.  So, when you feel that conviction, don't let the labels offend or scare you.  When you know you're doing what's right, stand tall against the World and kneel before your God for added strength and endurance.  It will be needed in the days ahead!