Posted by Marla on Aug 24, 2013 under

I stand at the base of Insanity Peak, straining to hear a distant squeak.  This squeak has been approaching for a long time, but suddenly the squeak becomes louder, almost a grinding roar.  My patience pays off - I see something topping the peak.  I squint, and can't quite believe my eyes.  Here comes ol' Charlie Manson peddling his old dilapated Huffy he calls "Helter Skelter".  He has been a long time coming, but if there's something ol' Charlie has, it's time.  He's started the downhill run, and has a manic gleam in his eye.  He's swerving a little out-of-control, but that has always added to the fun.  Several miles back he stopped and changed out his tattered baseball cards.  The old players were beginning to wear out, and didn't command much attention.  Taking the clothespins off Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton, he tossed them into his garbage dump.  You see, he traded up - got him some real MVPs.  Proudly he clipped his shiny new Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Van Jones, Oprah Winfrey and Valerie Jarrett cards to the spokes.  Those new cards ginned up a lot of attention, and helped him have the determination to make his final ascent.  He even added a few crazy a&# cracker cards to his wheels.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Ayers and a handful of other Jokers adorn his rickety old bike.  He is gaining momentum with every rotation of his crazy legs - going for broke on the slippery slope called Race Wars.  Never thought he'd accomplish much, never thought he could break through the complacancy of the every day Sheeple.

Well, I've got news for everyone.  I am sick and tired of hearing the race card played everytime the socialists try to manipulate the herd into believing their garbage.  I have had many black friends over the course of my lifetime.  I like people of all races, and dislike people of all races.  My motives are based on the person, not the color.  I am not a racist, and refuse to be painted as one.  My grandparents never owned slaves, nor have my parents, myself, my children, nor my grandchildren.  I'm not sure past the generation of my grandparents, but that is ancient history and has no bearing on me or my actions.  I do not know any black people that have been slaves, nor their parents, and more than likely their grandparents weren't either.  If you go back far enough, sure, but that is also ancient history and has no bearing on their situations.  If it were not for the carping of the race baiters, I venture to say that most people would not even think about a persons skin color these days.  I believe racism would be a thing of the past, if not used as a tool of of the power elites to keep us divided, distracted and not looking at what they're doing.

As a nation, we had better stop playing into their hands.  If I were black, I would resent the fact that I'm not given credit for being as smart as everyone else.  That I have to have special "breaks" in order to be successful.  I know enough successful black people to know this is a lie.  I would also wonder why such a high percentage of black pregnancies end in abortion.  Could it be that someone was purposely trying to decrease the population of my race?  Who would that be?  Why would that be?  Who are the people that are pushing such nonsense on the black race?   Once minorities realize that they are being exploited, turned into a group of people that no longer are expected to do anything but depend on the government for their survival, I imagine the sparks will fly.  Once they realize that their whole society has been wrecked by rewarding childbirth out of wedlock, removing the influence of strong fathers from the lives of their children, breaking down the strongest support system God created - the family, I would imagine there will be a rebellion with a strong price to pay.  Is it any wonder we have troubled youth that turn to gangs for their families?   They have taken God completely out of the equation.  Is it a surprise that young people are killing other people out of imagined revenge, or a cure for boredom?  The Elites are no doubt rubbing their wicked little paws together in glee to think that this race war we're beginning to experience just might give them an excuse to implement Martial Law!!  Yippee!!!  They've nearly accomplished their goal of destroying our nation.

We must recognize the manipulation that has been occurring, and stop buying into it.  You see, with the glorious "New World Order" just around the bend, there will be slavery for all of the masses, regardless of color.  No one will have any right to possessions, to determine their path in life, to fulfil their dreams.  No free Obamabucks to spread around, no free Obamaphones to placate and calm.  Existence will be to serve our Elite Overseers.  There will be no welfare in the New World Order, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.  If you are not able to do the job you are commanded to do, you will cease to exist.  If you stand up and rebel against tyranny, you will be removed.  Permanently.  You will have no rights.  Period.  In order to fight against this evil, we must stand together.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  We must take control of our lives, face up to our responsibilities, and band together as children of an Almighty God.  We must stand against the evil being perpetrated against us, and be worthy of Divine assistance.  We must stop giving them our consent to be controlled and manipulated.  We must stand as brothers and sisters, not blacks and whites.