Posted by Marla on Feb 14, 2014 under

I have always had a stubborn streak and a hard-head.  Today as I was in my doctor's waiting room I felt like a sullen child.  In order to have an old ankle injury fixed, I had to visit my doctor to get a pre-op health check.  I dislike going to the doctor these days.  Since the Obamacare fiasco was steamrolled out I have felt an all-out rebelliousness when it comes to healthcare.  I'm getting jaded in my old age.  I'm starting to wonder at the necessity of a lot of treatment and tests.  Could it be all this is nothing but a cash cow for healthcare providers and big pharma?  I have been dodging my annual trip to the doctor for the following reasons:  I do not want a flu shot, and I will not allow myself to be forced into one.  I do not see the necessity of an annual mammogram (even though I am an X-ray tech and know the whole litany of reasons for early detection).  I do not want to be subjected to yet another colonscopy.  I do not want to have my bloodwork done so that I can get the evil eye over my slightly elevated cholesterol levels.  I am recovering from another outbreak of shingles on my neck, and I just know my doctor will try to coerce me into getting the shingles vaccine (which I will not do).  As I'm waiting I am mentally ticking off the probable scenarios I'll encounter, and my reasons for refusing all of the above.  When I feel I'm being boxed in I start to get stubborn.  I know my physician, when I refuse to be herded down the road to health like a good little sheep, gets exasperated with me.  It's a little hard not to feel like paranoid pain in the rump when I negate all of her well-meaning suggestions.  Hormone replacement?  Nope-don't want cancer worries or a heart attack.  Osteoporosis preventatives?  Nope-don't want to take anything that might eat away my jawbone - call me crazy.  Cholestrol meds?  Nope - have you seen the side-effects from those drugs?  Flu shot?  Nope - don't want to inject neurotoxins into my body that might cause death, guillane barre syndrome, or permanent narcolepsy.  Shingles vaccine?  Nope-just read of cases where it actually increased the frequency of outbreaks.  I can see her jaw clench tighter and tighter as the visit wears on.  I know that my obstinance will be recorded in my medical record and used against me in the not-so-distant future, but I can't help it. 

This attitude is permeating every facet of my life.  I dislike being told what to do, being watched every minute, not being free to live my life as I see fit.  Normally I am a pretty easy-going kind of gal, but as the all-seeing eye of the New World Order is encroaching on my freedoms I am turning rather belligerent.  I roll through stop signs on occasion.  Sometimes I don't buckle up.  I evaluate things critically and just because someone says I have to do it is no longer good enough.  I revel in small acts of civil disobedience.  It's a daring high that could become addictive.  I rejoice in others participating in civil disobedience.  Citizens of Connecticut rock on!  Heck no we're not registering our guns!  Wow!  That is heady stuff!  You see, it only takes one sheep.  One sheep with that look in it's eye.  One sheep that just doesn't care who you think you are.  You know she's getting ready to bust loose and you will not be able to stop her.  Other sheep look up.  Hmmmm - the wheels start to turn.  It looks like that one sheep will make it out of the pen, maybe we can, too.  Pretty soon an all-out rebellion kicks in and it's all legs and tails.  They blow by you leaving you to eat their dust, and the next time it will be nearly impossible to get them back into the pen.  The engineers of the New World Order think that all of us sheep will blindly amble down into subjugation.  I get the feeling this ole ewe is about to show them a thing or two.