How Ripe Are the Seeds of Revolution?


by Dave Hodges -

March 21, 2013

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In assessing the prospects of a potential successful revolution against the globalist bankers there are three things to consider: (1) Does there exist sufficient cause and motivation significant enough which will culminate in an all-out civil war? (2) Does there exist the necessary resources for the people to overthrow the globalist forces and their minions? (3) What revolutionary strategies are likely to prove most beneficial in freeing America from the shackles of impending and absolute tyranny?  This three part series will answer all three questions

In this article, I will answer the question as to whether or not there exists sufficient motivation for today’s Americans to rise up and throw off the shackles of tyranny?

Motivations to Fight From Our Past Revolutions

In the Revolutionary War, the George Washington led forces were attempting to achieve full independence related to the control over the economic destiny of the colonies. The British had made the mistake of alienating the American upper-middle class with a two percent tax on tea along with a nuisance tax on paper and on legal documents. The upper middle class gained support from the masses because the British had overstepped their authority by enacting legislation such as the Quartering Act and unwarranted searches and seizures as well as imposing other taxes which were totally foreign to the previous way of colonial life. In short, tyrannical legislation was enacted against too many people who had the means to fight. About a third of the colonists actually supported the Revolution. A third did not care either way and a third remained loyal to the Crown. The numbers clearly demonstrate that the majority do not have to participate for a revolution to be successful.

The American Civil War was about states’ rights. Yes, slavery was a major issue, but at the fundamental heart of the debate was the fact that the federal government hijacked the 10th Amendment, outvoted the South on every issue and began to impose economic tyranny on the South. The misguided continuance of slavery, despite the South’s having technology to move beyond the practice, provided the North with a rallying cry and the justification to circumvent the 10th Amendment. Take away the ugly practice of slavery, the fate of the South would have been the same. The proverbial two wolves, the South, were making decisions on what to eat for dinner, namely the lamb (the South) South. We must remember that the South had overwhelming support for the Civil War.

In both cases, the primary motivation for revolution was economic.

Do Modern Day Americans Possess the Justification to Commence a Civil War?

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, it would be far easier for him to write a modern day version of the Declaration of Independence as he would have far more fodder for his “grievances against the King” section. For example, Americans, three to be exact, have been killed by drone strikes without due process of law. We have had economic tyranny, the likes that the South nor the colonists could have imagined through the private theft of public money (e.g. the bail outs). Americans have the highest tax rates in the world and a host of economic policies which favors the rich over the middle class which is shrinking at an alarming rate. The Fourth Amendment is gone. With secret arrests looming on the horizon under the auspices of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, no American can feel safe and secure within their home. Personal property rights and private ownership of anything is gone under the National Preparedness Resources Executive Order in which Obama can seize anything and everything including your children by the authority he has granted himself to conduct a military and civilian draft based upon his own volition. Nowhere in American History is there a precedent for the these kinds of actions of the government towards its people. However, there is plenty of precedence of a government enacting such policies toward its citizens in such places of Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, China in 1948, the prelude to the Rwanda genocide and under Pol Pot’s regime.

The pattern of tyranny is always the same. First, the people are made wards of the state and all of their rights are stripped under the guise of protecting the public from the boogey man of the day. Subsequently, the only rights remaining for citizens in a totalitarian society is whatever the ruling class decrees at any given moment. Secondly, undesirable people perceived as “less cooperative” are branded with national ID cards. Next, any means of self-defense, usually firearms, are stripped away in the name of protecting the children. “Dangerous views” are vilified and the targets of the state are isolated and abused. Then the roundups begin and those perceived as not being on board with the new totalitarian regime are systematically exterminated. Is America  preparing to fall down this same slippery slope? The only remaining question for America  to decide is whether or not Americans should wait for the FEMA bus to arrive outside their homes in the middle of the night, or to fight back while there is still a fighting chance. The government has made the decision to declare war on the people. Therefore,  after you complete the rest of this article, it will be crystal clear that the issue has already been decided for us and not by us.

Where is Thomas Paine When He Is Needed?

common sense and thomas paine

The global elite would have you believe that patriotism, and for that matter, lawful behavior means supporting everything the government wants. In actuality, true patriotism is following the Constitution.  This is why many people are beginning to think that the citizens may have to fight their government in order to preserve their country.

Under a corrupt criminal justice system, your home mortgage and bank accounts are vulnerable to theft from organizations like MERS and Goldman Sachs. There is no question that we live in absolutely predatory times where the average person is being reduced to indentured servitude on the way to serfdom. The government is preparing to tag all Americans with the coming national ID cards. A threat matrix for every American has been created based upon the websites we visit, key words spoken in our phone calls, words typed in our emails and fax transmissions. Some patriot insider sources are saying that the threat matrix list has led to the creation of an assassination list. We know that detention camps have been built and are being maintained with each capable of accepting tens of thousands of prisoners.

The government has indeed identified the Jews of the day. They are the veterans, the constitutionalists, former Ron Paul supporters and Second Amendment advocates and you can read about it in the MIAC Report. The front line of any American defense against the encroaching tyranny are the returning veterans. Some of veterans are being seized without a warrant (e.g. Brandon Raub) and forcibly medicated against their will. Many of citizens are ending up on no-fly lists because we dare to exercise our First Amendment rights to protest against an out of control government. The government is

  lexington and concord

coming after our guns with an unprecedented zeal. In short, every move we make, every breath we take, the government is watching us and is ready to pounce when the time is right. I predict that we will see the 21st Century equivalent of a Lexington and Concord event as the globalist controlled government uses foreign mercenaries, already here on our soil, to come for our guns.

I have concluded that Americans will not have to decide whether to revolt or not. The government has already made this decision for all of us. When the military buys over 2 billion rounds of ammunition, it is not a noteworthy event. However, when Homeland Security is using cutout targets used for shooting practice that includes pregnant women, little children and old people, then we should all be asking a lot of questions. America, you are the new enemy of the state. You are a national security risk because your sense of American entitlement based upon the guarantees of the Constitution is a threat to the planned fascist dictatorship. The seeds for a Second American Revolution are indeed ripe and those seeds have been planted by the New World Order.

DHS Paper Targets

DHS Paper Targets

To answer the original question, does America have sufficient justification and historical precedent to overthrow the bankers who have absconded with our political process and our rights? And to my fellow countrymen, I understand why you want to rebel against this criminally corrupt government. You want to simply take back what we have lost leave a country worthy of children’s residence and service. However, a successful revolution is far easier than said than done. If, for example the American people were to declare their independence from the banksters who have hijacked the US government, the sheer weaponry our fellow patriots would face would be overwhelming. Therefore, one must wonder if a revolution can be successful against the dark forces of this evil and Godless Empire? This topic will be the subject of Part Two.