The following is a continuation of the "2013 Is Strange" video series that we've posted in the past.  As always, Last Messages does a wonderful job in compiling all of this footage but, just as with many other home videos, there are a few clips that have some brief, rough language. 




Published on Jan 18, 2014

My new series replacing "20** IS STRANGE". Pretty much the same thing. The biggest change is the title ;)
My series include strange phenomena of all kinds and awesome natural events or beautiful phenomena of recent days only . Enjoy my editing!
This is an educational/teaching and research purposes only video.
This application is not commercial and is free to use.

Heaven and Earth / Report on Extreme events Part 1 (from December 5, 2013 to January 15 : the 40 last days)

Music :

1) PVNDV - Slowwit mix


3) Fifty Grand - Scary after all

4) -w-i-e - And you will find me rhyme after rhyme

5) Yung Gud - Anubis (Raft)

Editing :

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