By Jason A. Kofoed

Silly Sheeple

06 February 2014

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Every now and then I happen to catch bits and pieces of Glenn Beck's radio program, but by no means go out of my way to listen to them.  This wasn't always the case, however.  Truth be told, I owe a lot of my "awakening and orientation" to Glenn Beck, but as I continued to grow in my search for truth, I also outgrew him as being considered one of my "reliable" sources of information.  Does Glenn still bring a lot of important things to light?  Sure he does, but as of late I have found that he pushes a much different agenda than I happen to believe in.  There are a few things I'd like to point out specifically that have occurred over the past day or two.

One of the things I've learned is the dangers of a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), also known as a "Convention of the States" which is fast becoming the new buzzword for "conservatives" who are either ignorant of the possible consequences or they are deliberately trying to deceive everyone into believing that changing or, Heaven forbid, re-writing the Constitution in any way is a good idea.  In fact, the only part of the Constitution I'd ever like to see changed are the amendments beyond The Bill of Rights but since I understand the dangers of opening up the Constitution to convention I refuse to push for it.  If you aren't familiar with articles I've posted previously that explain my stance on this, you can look here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (If you need any more, just type "constitutional convention" in our search engine- you'll get pages upon pages on the issue).  Glenn Beck has repeatedly stated his support of a Convention of the States and, even more recently, Glenn's genius-historian David Barton wrote a letter lending his so-called expert opinion on the issue...also voicing his support.  In that letter, David even admits that he has fears of "what might occur, or what could happen".  The letter is as follows:

David Barton voices support of Convention of States in letter

Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014 at 6:28 AM MST

Wallbuilders Founder David Barton has authored a letter expressing his support for a Convention of States. Alongside his co-host on Wallbuilders Live Rick Green, Barton says he has spent years researching a Convention of States and is urging Americans to support this legislative effort to limit the scope of the federal government.

He writes:

Fellow Patriots,

It is exciting to see such a renewed interest in basic constitutional principles. Liberty lovers across America are studying their past in order to find ways to stop our federal government’s explosive growth and sprint towards socialism.

Fortunately, our Founding Fathers, with their thorough understanding of human nature, created constitutional means to restrain the federal government when it exceeded its jurisdiction. One specific means was the Constitution’s Article V amendment process by means of a Convention of the States. This is a proper solution.

We have not come to this conclusion lightly. Like many of our conservative friends, we initially avoided this constitutionally-specified process due to a fear of what might occur, or what could happen. But after years of research and studying the Founders’ original intent for this amendment process — and after years of witnessing an unconstitutional reshaping of our federal government — we are both confident that this is the correct course of action.

The Federalist Papers declare that the Constitution specifically furnishes each part of government “with constitutional arms” for its own “effectual powers of self-defense.” One such arm of self-defense that the Constitution gives to the states is an Article V Convention of States. For states to refuse to use this tool would be like going into a street fight, but refusing to use one of your biggest and most effective weapons. And it is illogical to consider the use of any constitutional provision as a threat to the Constitution. It makes as much sense as violating the free-market system to save it, or breaking health care to fix it.

We urge you to support all of the Constitution, and thus the efforts of the Convention of States to pass their extremely well-thought-out and strategic legislation in your home state and join us in a call to restore our constitutional republic.

God Bless,

David Barton
Founder and President, WallBuilders

Rick Green
Co-host, WallBuilders Live!
Author, The Citizen Guide to Our Constitution

The next couple items I'd like to mention were things I heard this afternoon on my way to work while listening to Glenn's radio program.  About 45 minutes into his broadcast (if you're a subscriber and can listen "on demand", dig it up and listen to it), Glenn was talking about the militarization of our local police forces (which I agree whole-heartedly with him on) and that our younger cops in particular are turning "dark" (again, I agree).  He took a couple of calls from retired and/or former career law enforcement officers who share and reiterated his (our) concerns but when Glenn was speaking to the second caller, the caller mentioned the dangers of Fusion Centers.  Now, this is what left me with my jaw dropped in utter astonishment: Paraphrasing, Glenn said, "Fusion Centers?  What's that?  I've never heard of that before".  The caller sounded just as shocked as I was and he pleaded with Glenn and his listening audience to google it, look it up and know it!  Glenn Beck, with all of his top-notch research staff, had never, ever heard of Fusion Centers...or if they had, they never felt a need to enlighten Glenn on them?  REALLY?? 

To Glenn's credit, as well as the rest of his sidekicks who were in studio with him today, they actually did look it up and settled on this definition found on Wikipedia.  That's just a little too important to be missing, Glenn.  Perhaps if you weren't so quick to discount, discredit and make fun of your so-called truthers, birthers and otherwise-labeled conspiracy theorists you would learn something of even greater importance.  Folks, if Glenn Beck is your sole or even main source of information, you'd better seriously reconsider.  He hits the nail on the head on some issues but is dead wrong on others.

About 75-minutes into the same show today, Glenn was talking to a Chris McDaniel from Mississippi who is running for a U.S. Senate seat and they started talking about some of our current senators who Glenn feels (I don't necessarily agree with Glenn here) are good, solid, Constitution-preserving Senators and how they all seem to have exceptional fathers.  Glenn mentioned Mike Lee's dad, Ted Cruz's dad and Rand Paul's dad.  Uh, HELLO??  Glenn, you DO realize that Rand's father is Ron, right?  You know, that guy who you constantly criticized and called a kook throughout his campaign?  You think Ron Paul is an exceptional man?  Well, I never would have guessed it.

This is all in the past two days, folks, and they're what I believe are some pretty big issues.  I'm sure that if I listened to Glenn now as often as I listened to him from 2008-2010 I'd come up with all sorts of noteworthy items to lay out on the table that indicate that Glenn, his opinions and information should be very, VERY carefully weighed and considered for reliability.  Please, do as Glenn says and "question with boldness" and look toward other, more reliable sources of information.  While we may share the same religious affiliation, it doesn't mean that I'm going to blindly follow him or anyone else.

Oh, and, one other thing: when Glenn says "nobody is reporting on this!", he's lying.  What he really means is that the MSM isn't reporting on it and he doesn't care to acknowlege any alternative media as being ahead of him in the game.

Fusion Centers.  Sheesh.