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I came across some interesting perspectives from 1968 and what was deemed to be problematic in those days.  A quote was referenced from J. Edgar Hoover as cited in FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, June 1, 1968 in which he makes some insightful comments about the rise in crime and how some were trying to tie it to an increase in population:

"We have on the loose in our country today a predatory monster called Crime. It is growing in size and violence. Its far-reaching forages threaten every city and hamlet in the Nation, and it strikes fear in the hearts and minds of the law-abiding public. It is ripping away the very fiber of our society and our system of government.

". . . One appalling aspect is the fact that many people in positions of responsibility continue to deny this truth. They prefer to close their eyes and hope that crime, if ignored, will go away. This wistful approach is doomed to failure.

". . . Concerted efforts have been made to minimize the seriousness of the crime problem and to explain away the shocking truths behind crime statistics. It is suggested that our population increase is responsible for a corresponding rise in the rate of crime, and that extensive population growth of the crime-prone young age groups has not been taken into account in crime figures. Under close examination, as has been shown before, these arguments do not measure up.

"For instance, our population increased approximately 10 percent from 1960 throughout 1967. During that period, the volume of serious crimes rose 88 percent. Thus, crime outpaced the population growth by almost 9 to 1. The young age group population, 10 to 17 years, climbed 22 percent from 1960 through 1967. Arrests of persons in this category for all criminal acts increased 72 percent during the same period . . .

"The answer to our Nation's crime problem will be found in direct, positive action—not by waiting and hoping the, problem will go away. A good beginning would be to let the guilty criminal know that when he is arrested, he will be promptly prosecuted and substantially punished for his misdeeds. A good time to begin would be now."

It's very interesting to me how so-called experts try to explain things away with "science" and "statistics" when there is something inside of each one of us that tells us things are otherwise--even when we may not know exactly what it is, we know that the "official" explanations just don't suffice.

President Calvin Coolidge said this about life's problems and how government should/should not intervene with them:

"The government of a country never gets ahead of the religion of a country. There is no way by which we can substitute authority of law for the virtue of man. Of course, we can help to restrain the vicious and furnish a fair degree of security and protection by legislation and police control, but the real reforms which society in these days is seeking will come as a result of our religious convictions or they will not come at all.

"Peace, justice, humanity, charity—these cannot be legislated into being."

How true are his words...even for his time and even more so for ours!  For many, many decades and several generations now, society has continued to erode to the point at which good is considered evil (or wrong and "laughable") and evil is considered good and acceptable.  Who decides that?  Seriously.  Have we ever really stopped to think about how so many previously unacceptable ideologies, behaviors, activities and the like have all of a sudden become not only acceptable but even desirable?  We know better and let me tell you why.

America was founded on liberty and freedom- both temporal freedom as well as spiritual freedom.  As such, one of the truly remarkable defining characteristics of Americanism has been always been our love for God and country, not to mention our desire and willingness to lend a hand to our families, friends and neighbors to the extent we are able.  It seems that such characteristics are embedded into our DNA (there are always exceptions, of course, but for the most part...) but we suddenly find ourselves either too distracted to "remember" these things, or we have begun to question ourselves paying more attention to what everyone else around is is/isn't doing...and mimicking them rather that doing what we feel and even KNOW to be right.

The purpose of my blog and this website is not to push a particular religion upon anyone who reads and visits here.  However, that being said, we intend to emphasize and make very clear our stance that God is THE key player in the destiny of this great nation and our success or failure depends on whether or not we are obedient to His commandments.  We are Christian as many of you are and as such, we share a common thread in understanding the importance of the Ten Commandments as revealed in the Old Testament as well as the "new" covenants and commandments in the New Testament such as the "Beattitudes" and other of Christ's teachings.

Folks, if we claim a belief in these things we must live them.  It is time that we rise up and call evil out for what it really and truly is.  It is time that we understand that a large portion of the problems within our nation are due to the erosion and destruction of the family unit.  If Satan can beat us at home and tear our families apart, he all but has us beat.  If we allow our homes to be destroyed then our nation doesn't stand a chance.  Some may wonder what difference their righteous actions can really do in the long run or even scoff at the possibility that it might impact the nation as a whole.  Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?  God Himself said that he would spare those cities if there were but a few righteous among the populations but, alas, none were to be found and they were destroyed.  If you believe the United States of America is unique to any other country on the face of this Earth, you are right: it is.  We rise and we fall based upon whether we serve God and our fellow man or not.  Think about that and weigh it carefully. 

The problems that were emerging in 1968 pale in comparison to what we are surrounded by now.  Do you want to fix them?  Then go to, and live your religion...whatever that may be so long as it serves God and man.