21 August 2013

"Praise God" for FEMA Video Uploaded by FEMA



Love your government. They'll protect and provide for you.

Dees Illustration

Activist Post

FEMA published a video today to show us how awesome they are. FEMA wants you to meet Mary David who they relocated after a flood to a new log cabin with stainless steel appliances.

Big surprise, Ms. David has nothing but nice things to say about FEMA.

"FEMA came in and put a roof over my head," the disaster survivor says. "Praise God for that."

"They did a great job putting our community together," she continued as the three-building village is shown in the background.  FEMA agents then talk about "mitigation" success.

Later on, Ms. David says "They were always there for me. They did some praying over for me."