07 April 2013

Joe Miller

In this troubling interview with the excecutive director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, attorney Dana Cody describes the hostile efforts of the FBI against pro-life Christians in the United States.

She suggests that the feds view “pro-life Christians [as] the focus of evil in the modern world.”

Ms. Cody talks about cases involving federal interrogations of pro-lifers that originated solely from Internet activities, reflecting that such activists were being tracked by the FBI online.

She said that the interrogations are increasingly becoming “like the SS showing up at your door.” She advises that anytime the feds approach you, you must “videotape, videotape, videotape.”

Ms. Cody believes that the feds are “going after people that are exposing them.”

She concludes that this federal law enforcement action is “threatening the very structure of the nation and people need to wake up.”

Here’s the interview: