26 July 2013

By Paul Lawrance

Activist Post

Editor's Note: In no way do we endorse Michael Savage. He is a neocon Islamophobe and a gatekeeper of the left-right paradigm.  However, this story is too important to go unpublished.

Charles Strange, the father of one the 22 SEALs killed when their helicopter was shot down by Afghan insurgents in August, told Michael Savage on his radio broadcast that he undoubtedly believes that his son and the rest of the SEALs were set up.

Charles Strange told Savage that on multiple occasions he and family were approached by his son Michael and were informed of a will he had prepared because of information that had leaked within the SEAL unit.

“Something’s going on with the team. Somebody’s leaking things out. Something’s going on.” Charles recalled his son saying.

“Your son knew he was being sent to his death?” asked Savage.

“They knew something was up,” answered Strange

Strange reveals that other families had experienced similar behavior from their Navy SEAL relative at the same time.


Documents obtained by Strange related to the crash breakdown how a rescue team was held back from aiding the SEALs onboard the attacked helicopter.

When asked if he thought his son was set up on purpose Strange replied, “100% sir, Petraeus left ten days after it happened, he disappeared to the CIA then Benghazi happened..Admiral Eric Olson left two days after the crash on August 8th.”

“This was all planned..I have it in the paper work.” explained Strange.

In result of the publicly expressed concern by the SEALs' families the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, plans to launch a congressional probe into the mysterious case of the 22 dead SEALs.

Among other suspicions raised by Strange in the interview is the fact that the black boxes inside the helicopter were never recovered.

A flash flood was the explanation given to Strange for the missing boxes.

Similar to the Michael Hastings questionable car crash narrative being pushed out by authorities, the killed SEAL members were cremated. An idea pushed onto the families by the Navy.