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As many of you know, one of the key objectives of Silly Sheeple is to promote and encourage critical thinking- particularly among the younger generation- in hopes that we may be able to unite against the forces of evil that would otherwise have us remain distracted and "asleep" while they destroy the world around us.

The following post was submitted to us by a young man who appears to follow our blog on somewhat of a regular basis.  I have to say that receiving such submissions from our younger readers gives us hope and encouragement and we are more than happy to help spread their words far and wide!



Silly Sheeple

By Christopher R. Darnell

22 September 2014


"Everything is fine", my father told me as he dug through a shoe box full of receipts. "This is grown up stuff, you wouldn't understand, now go play with your toys".

With a shrug of the shoulders, I skipped to my toy box and forgot about the foreign language that decorated the small pieces of paper.  As a child, I was always told that the things adults discussed or dealt with were too advanced for my young mind to comprehend. I was told things like, "the adults are talking" or the classic "you're too young to understand." These comments, though harmless, were a direct shot at my inexperience as a human being on this earth.

I started to believe that these adult situations were just way over my head. I started to feel comfortable, content, as if the stress in my life was now limited to how to tie my shoes or how to dress myself. My very existence felt easy, as if everything was going to be taken care of for me by a higher and more experienced source, my parents. They provided: food, clothing, shelter, an education, and a personal upbringing to mold me into the person they wanted me to be. My character was directly influenced by their values, morals, and beliefs. I received all of these wonderful things and they demanded nothing in return, well, except a couple of things: to obey their demands, respect them and their demands, follow their rules, and represent the family well.

Being their child, I had no other option but to do these things for them. Whether I wanted to or not, I was forced to obey their every rule and demand with no "back talk" or "attitude".  Any "lip" or opinion of my own about the matter usually led to me having to learn a serious lesson. I was to be punished for speaking against my parents best interests.

Sometimes I served a sentence in a plastic chair staring into the corner of the living room, other times I suffered physical punishment from my father's belt or hand, corporal punishment of course. This taught me to never step out of line, or I was to be punished. Now that I am older, I see that my parents no longer control my life, the government has tried to take that role.

The government has created new values, morals, and beliefs. The government today has a new way of thinking when it comes to certain policies and civilian rights, and just like we did with our parents, we are told to do the same for our government. They ask us to: obey their demands (bills and laws), respect their government officials and their demands (Government officials and their bills and laws), follow their rules (their laws), and represent them well (be "Patriotic"). If we do not bow down and obey, we suffer the consequences. The once innocent timeout in the corner is now hard time in a prison, the spankings received to mold our character for the better has been replaced with police brutality, government harassment, or even down right murder.

Now the government is telling us that "Everything is fine," or "Follow the rules and you wont be punished," or "Be a good American citizen,". A real American would not allow any government to rip away their rights and discount everything our founding fathers worked for. Don't be the American citizen the government wants you to be, be the American citizen you were meant to be.

One nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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