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Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
April 21st, 2013


Why is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un  not jumping up and down for joy at the Boston bombing and the explosion in Texas? Why is he not continuing with his rhetoric, stepping it up even piling on the pressure when he knows that the United States has major issues at home to deal with?

What a perfect time to ‘test’ one of the missiles he has reportedly moved to the coast and aimed at Japan.

It seems odd to me that the pudgy youngster has stopped flexing his muscles and gone quiet at such a time. Then it occurred to me, maybe he hasn’t gone quiet, maybe he never had that much to say in the first place.

It seems entirely possible that those who write the stuff he is supposed to have said have been too busy elsewhere to keep up with Korea as well and that for that reason it’s fallen by the wayside.

I would not be at all surprised if over the next few days the odd  ’comment’ from North Korea creeps back into the mainstream news. It’s their job after all to keep the populace on their toes, keep them on the edge of their seats wondering if the crazy guy is going to start a war.

Kim Jong-un has said a few words this week, he gave a list of conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to get him to the negotiating table. 

The terms are almost childlike you will not do this or I will do that and so forth. The threats and rhetoric of a young and inexperienced leader who is trying to rule in the shadow of his father and grandfather, a man who is trying to prove himself and not doing very well at it.

I am not implying North Korea pose no threat. I am saying that it’s relatively easy with a closed country to accuse them of saying all sorts of things and get away with it, they are hardly going to pop up at a G20 conference and call everyone liars are they?

I am not saying that North Korea has not made verbal threats to the US and other countries. I am saying that there is a wider agenda at play.

For a regime that the US says it despises due to the over regulation and limited freedom of its citizens they are doing a damn good of cherry picking some of its finer points.

North Korea prevents its citizens from travelling outside of the country. The US wont let some of its citizens back into the country. Neither government feels obliged to tell them why.

North Korea does not allow its citizens to bear arms. The US is trying to deny its citizens the right to bear arms.

North Korea has a dictator as its head. The US has a president that puts something to the vote and if he doesn’t like the result signs an executive order over-ruling it.

It seems to me that there are certain similarities between Comrade Jong-un and Comrade Obama.

Just sayin’….

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