Posted by Marla on Nov 13, 2013 under

Jason and I spend lots of hours combing through articles and websites for items we think are informative and useful.  When I was watching the weekly JBS update he posted, something interesting and disappointing was brought to my attention.  If you go into the Transatlantic Policy Network website,  and click on the "Organisation" (don't you just love the European flair?  You know you're in trouble when there is an 's' where a 'z' should be) tab you can then select the US Congressional Group and a list of our Senators and House members that are on the Board appears.  If you aren't familiar with this whole Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership issue, you might want to check into it.  This will be the final nail in the coffin of our Sovereignty.  This treaty with the European Union will supercede our Constitution, and we will be governed under international law.  I was not in the least surprised to see the names of various Democrats on this page, nor did John Boehner's name shock me.  I was, however, a bit taken aback to see Darrell Issa and Eric Cantor's names on the affiliated Congressional group list.  It seems like we have Representatives that try to convince us they are conservative Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment loving "for the people" kind of guys, and then you turn around and catch them in something like this.  Also, John Rappoport did several articles on Monsanto that brings Joseph Mercola and several other anti-Monsanto activists into a whole new light.  This seems to be more the rule than the exception these days.  Teaparty Darling Ted Cruz happens to have a wife that is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  That raises some eyebrows, to be sure.  We at Silly Sheeple do not want to unwittingly help the Globalists advance their agenda, and it is almost impossible to wade through so much information to see if people are who they say they are.  Therefore, we are going to change our website to try to avoid such traps.  We do not want to end up as another propaganda tool, so we won't be carrying torches for these media darlings.

We will still bring items to your attention that we feel are pertinent and accurate.  Many of these contain issues where we can be proactive, such as stopping the Common Core agenda, fighting Agenda 21 in our local governments, and bringing other topics out into the light.  We also will be concentrating more on things of a spiritual nature, because we find ourselves in times of extreme deception.  We are surrounded by people who are promoting things satanic in nature, whether they realize it or not.  The assault on our religious beliefs is escalating, and we are entering treacherous times.  We must have spiritual strength in order to survive these dark days. God is in control, and satan's time is short.  We must get to know our Heavenly Father intimately so that we, as sheep, recognize our Shepherd's voice.  We should live worthy to receive miracles that might make the difference in whether or not we survive.  We must put on the whole armour of God.  We are gaining ground in some areas, and that is why the Powers that Be are pushing back so hard and swiftly.  They are afraid of us, and we must realize that we are making a difference.  We also need to know our history so we can teach our children correct precepts, especially when the revisionists are seeking to strike every significant fact of American history out of the classroom.  So, expect to see more items based in scripture, history, the Constitution, and prepping, of course.  I believe this will be a positive move to not dwell so much in the darkness and what satan is doing, but to focus on growing the Kingdom of God, loving one another as we love ourselves, and gaining knowledge of our government as it was intended, not as it exists today.  God wants us to be free.  He gave us our agency to make our own decisions.  The agenda to strip us of our God-given rights is in and of itself evil.   Let's do everything we can in our sphere of influence to live as Christ wants us to live, and be shining examples in this ever darkening world.