24 June 2013

by Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

Michael Hastings (1980-2013)

Michael Hastings (1980-2013)

DHS Criminalizes Legitimate Redress of Grievances

We know that whistleblowers are facing unprecedented dangers in this country for identifying the misdeeds of individuals and certain agencies within the government. Andrew Breitbart was murdered to prevent the release of damning tapes of Obama’s past misdeeds. The coroner investigating Breitbart’s death was murdered as well. Michael Hastings was trying to go into hiding because of information he had learned with regard to the nefarious activities of the FBI and the CIA. He was subsequently murdered. If Woodward and Bernstein were breaking the Watergate story today, they would be murdered as well in the present political climate in the United States. Most of us in the media understand this and assassination is the risk we increasingly risk to bring the truth to an unaware public. However, what happens when the whistleblowers constitute the residents of an entire county? What does government plan to do to these people?


America’s Water Has Never Been Worse


tenn tyranny 2

Today’s collective water supplies have never been in worse shape. The government admits to the presence of massive amounts of pharmaceuticals in our public drinking water supplies because people flush their medication rather than throw it away. Further, most water treatment plants do not have filtering equipment sensitive enough to take the drugs out of the water.


There is also the omnipresent fluoride in our water in which Harvard  researchers say lowers IQ’s and many doctors have decried this former jet fuel product of causing cancer. There is also the ever-present threats of arsenic in the water and if that is not bad enough, we also need to be worried about radioactive contamination in this era of leaking nuclear reactors.


What To Do When a Product Is Defective?


If you buy a product from the store and it does not work properly, we take it back. What do we do if the product is our drinking water?


When someone takes a drink of water and it tastes like it came from the toilet, what is one to do? Most reasonable people would spit out the water and call their local water authorities. What if the complainant was dissatisfied with the initial response from local water authorities? Most reasonable people would proceed up the chain of command until they received satisfaction. However, Sherwin Smith is not a reasonable person and his own personal power trip is continuing to let a bad water problem fester and that is not the worst of this abuse of power.


Public Servant or Public Nuisance?


Commissar Sherwin Smith

Commissar Sherwin Smith


Meet Sherwin Smith, he is supposed to be a public servant in his role as the Deputy Director Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and Homeland Security.


When there is a problem with the water management under his purview, he should be acting like the deputy director, not like Deputy Dawg. But this public official has behaved as if he was a dog.


Recently, residents in Marin County, TN., acting under the authority of the First Amendment, sought to redress their grievances about the horrid state of their drinking water. They expressed their frustration to none other than Sherwin Smith. What happened next, stunned and angered the local residents.


Smith cut short their protestations about the state of their drinking water and subsequently told them, that complaining about low quality tap water could put one in GITMO and imprisoned as a terrorist.


I want to be crystal clear here. The Department of Homeland Security views the public protesting with regard to the dismal state of drinking water as an act of terrorism.


Meet the new terrorists
Meet the new terrorists


This is not the first act of terrorism against citizens of Tennessee by the Department of Homeland Security. DHS was first to deploy simultaneously VIPR  checkpoints at five weigh stations and two bus terminals across the state in the fall of 2011. As a reminder, unwarranted searches are a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but it sure helps fill up the privatized prisons.


DHS VIPR Program

DHS VIPR Program

As if the VIPR program presence was not bad enough, DHS Agents are actively recruiting truck drivers, into the First Observer Highway Security Program to  “say something if they see something.” Well, I think I should file a report a “see something, say something” report.

“Excuse Ms. Napolitano, I see a lot that is suspicious. I suspicious deaths of whistleblowers Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. Ed Snowden is next. I suspicious DHS activities when they attempt to criminalize public complaints about drinking water. And now this criminal government is taking their “see something/say hastings car 2something” policies to federal employees as a proactive method to head of all whistleblower activities. Ms. Napolitano, please make the bad man stop!”

This will the topic of the next part on this series with regard to the government’s declaration of war on whistleblowers.