Some may find the "theory" laughable, but I would be careful about setting it aside.  This administration has to accomplish the task of preparing the way for the New World Religion and in order to do that, they must persecute the Christians and make them afraid to worship openly.  They know they can't outright forbid it without massive backlash, so what better way than to work it through Obamacare?


President Barack Obama

19 February 2013

By: Michael Stone

Christian conservatives are worried that President Obama wants Christianity classified as a mental illness.

Conservatives claim the Obama administration is working quietly behind the scenes to have Christianity classified as a mental illness in order to silence and take away the rights of conservative Christians, and even detain them indefinitely if necessary.

The new right-wing conspiracy theory plays on conservatives’ fear of Obama and the medical establishment, in particular, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

For example, conservative commentator Erik Rush suspects that President Obama is working with the American Psychiatric Association to classify Christianity as a mental illness in order to silence conservative Christians. Rush argues that the health care reform law will be the mechanism that will enable Obama to begin targeting Christians for persecution.

The American Family Association’s Buster Wilson is another advocate of the new conspiracy theory. Wilson claims the government will eventually try to classify Christians as mentally ill in order to “get us out of the picture.” He said that the left uses terms like “right-wing fanatics” and “radicals” so that one day the government and the CDC can level “attacks against Christians based on some form of mental illness diagnosis” since they “hate” Christians. The following is an excerpt of a statement given by Wilson:

Someday I believe that there are going to be attacks against Christians based on some form of mental illness diagnosis. I think it is not without reason that the left refers to people like us as those loony, right-wing fanatics or right-wing radicals, far-right-wing nut jobs. I think it is by design that they use those kinds of terminologies against us because one day I think there is going to be something in the hand of doctors, something in the hands of the CDC, something in the hands of the government that will be able to classify us a certain way and get us out of the picture...

What do you think? Are Christian conservatives right to fear the Obama administration and the medical establishment? Is Christianity a mental illness?